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Whats the oldest revolver you have taken out to the range?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by JohnnyCremains, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. JohnnyCremains

    JohnnyCremains Well-Known Member

    Mine is this S&W model 1 1/2 in .32 rimfire from 1865

  2. MCgunner

    MCgunner Well-Known Member

    '51 navy. Okay, it's a replica. I guess a 1917 Smith and Wesson.

    That little mouse gun is pretty cool. :D Sorta reminds me of an NAA Earl.
  3. W.E.G.

    W.E.G. Well-Known Member

  4. Pyro

    Pyro Well-Known Member

    Forehand Arms .32 S&W-L, slightly modified though.
    Dated somewhere around 1900 (+/- 4 years).
    My carry gun today.

    MMCSRET Well-Known Member

    Currently my oldest that gets used is a Colt New Army commercial in 32-20 from 1907; last year they were made.
  6. Zebraranger

    Zebraranger Well-Known Member

    I took this Smith to the range a couple of times for a function test. Its a Smith & Wesson Double Action 3rd model made in 1888 that my Dad gave me years ago. Its been in the family a long time.
  7. zxcvbob

    zxcvbob Well-Known Member

    Colt Police Positive, 5" barrel, made in (I think) 1919. I tried shooting it with .38 Special brass cut down to .38 S&W length, but the rims were too thick and it would bind. So I bought some real .38 S&W brass from Starline, but I haven't gotten around to loading them yet.
  8. 788Ham

    788Ham Well-Known Member

    H&R 922 revolver, made about 1928, 9 shot .22 caliber.
  9. bikemutt

    bikemutt Well-Known Member

    S&W 1917 in .45ACP.
  10. BADUNAME13

    BADUNAME13 Well-Known Member

    My (Grandfathers) SAA (1876)
  11. CajunBass

    CajunBass Well-Known Member

    Colt Pocket Positive in 32, from 1912. I only fired it a few times. Eventually traded it off for something else.


    Still got this one, which would be next in line. Colt Official Police 38. 1939

  12. vanfunk

    vanfunk Well-Known Member

    Colt Single Action Army .45 Colt, SN#167202, made in 1896.
  13. Stainz

    Stainz Well-Known Member

    I have a few 1895 Nagants, the oldest from the mid 1930's:


  14. madcratebuilder

    madcratebuilder Well-Known Member

    This is the oldest (1849) that is fired on occasion. I have one that seventy years older, but I don't shot it.
  15. JohnnyCremains

    JohnnyCremains Well-Known Member

    That's bad ass. You win.
    Not many people have the balls to fire a Colt that is worth several thousand dollars (10s of thousands?) My hat's off too you!
  16. Old Fuff

    Old Fuff Well-Known Member

    Don't have a picture handy, but back during the late 1950's I fired six rounds out of an original Colt 2nd. model Dragoon. It worked fine, but I wouldn't do that today. Prices are way up from what they were in the '50's.

    During the same time period I fired a number of open-top Colt's (models 1849, 1851 and 1860) and an occasional Remington New Army. At the time there were no reproductions or replicas.
  17. waidmann

    waidmann Well-Known Member

    Webley Mark I 1887

    Webley MarK I.jpg
  18. Ala Dan

    Ala Dan Member in memoriam

    Colt U.S. Army model of 1917~! :) ;)
  19. shooting4life

    shooting4life Well-Known Member

    My s&w 1917
  20. AJumbo

    AJumbo Well-Known Member

    Original Baby Dragoon. Pictures exist of me firing it, but I haven't seen them for years. The owner of the Baby loved "exercising" his old guns; I probably wouldn't doit myself these days, but it was fun to let that old piece's voice be heard again.

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