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What's the optimum barrel length for 357 SIG?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Caseless, May 24, 2003.

  1. Caseless

    Caseless Well-Known Member

    That is, when it comes to ballistics. In a practical size...< 7" barrel. Curious mind wants to know.:)
  2. tlhelmer

    tlhelmer Well-Known Member

    Good question! I want to know as well. I have heard that the round was designed around a 4" bbl, but i am not sure.
  3. Lone_Gunman

    Lone_Gunman Well-Known Member

    Zero inches.

    This is a trick question.
  4. Rich357

    Rich357 Well-Known Member

    It depends on the powder used. A fast burning power may give you more velocity from a short barrel than a slow burning powder. You may not see as much of in increase in velocity if you use that same load (fast burning powder) in a longer barrel compared to using a somewhat slower burning powder.

    I have a 5.32" KKM barrel in .357SIG for my Glock 35. It works great.

  5. Rich357

    Rich357 Well-Known Member

    Here is some data from the Glock Annual '99, article "Glock's .357 Trio", page 80. It gives some idea of the effect of barrel lenght when using the .357SIG.

    G31, barrel 4.49 inches
    G32, barrel 4.02 inches
    G33, barrel 3.46 inches

    G31 Cor-Bon 125 gr 1431.2/586 velocity/energy
    G31 SpeerGD 125 gr 1378.8/527

    G32 Cor-Bon 125 gr 1402.4/546
    G32 SpeerGD 125 gr 1355.8/510

    G33 Cor-Bon 125 gr 1350.2/506
    G33 SpeerGD 125 gr 1278.2/453

  6. Graystar

    Graystar Well-Known Member

    I think the round was designed to mimic a .357 Mag shot from a police service revolver. So I think it was designed for best performance out of a 4" barrel.
  7. Akurat

    Akurat Well-Known Member

    Um, ok then...6.99 inches.
  8. MrAcheson

    MrAcheson Well-Known Member

    When folks compared .357mag to 357sig, the switchover was usually at around 4 inches. Sig uses faster powders so it performs better in shorter barrels, but at around 4 inches the Magnum takes over and never looks back.
  9. Caseless

    Caseless Well-Known Member

    So the 357 SIG round is designed around a 4" barrel, with relatively fast burning powder. That makes sense. I just don't see many full size pistols(5"+ barrel) in 357 SIG. The only factory ones I know are the S.A. XD Tac. and Sig Sport.
  10. Ala Dan

    Ala Dan Member in memoriam

    Greeting's All-

    I think SIG has it right; 3.86" in the P229!:D :) :uhoh:

    Best Wishes,
    Ala Dan, N.R.A. Life Member
  11. tlhelmer

    tlhelmer Well-Known Member

    Ala Dan,

    I thought you were a die hard .45 fan in the P220? Do you like the .357 Sig in a 229 as well?:what:
  12. Poohgyrr

    Poohgyrr Well-Known Member


    I kinda like the .357 Sig barrel I just bought for my G35. Just about the right length. Figure if I need a speed demon, this should about do it. If I need a heavier bullet, I'll use the .40 barrel, or switch to a Smith .44 Mag :), or a Remington 12 Ga slug. :what:

    PS: I still think the .40 Hi Power is the best .40 out there...
  13. caz223

    caz223 Well-Known Member

    I think that 5" would be plenty, but factory loads are more tuned to the sub 4" barrels that are more common.
    Anywhere between 3.5"-5" is fine, I'm sure.
  14. Ala Dan

    Ala Dan Member in memoriam

    Hey tlhelmer-

    Yes, I am a die-hard .45 caliber SIG P220 fan to the max!:uhoh:

    But, if I had to choose the P229 I would tend to favor
    the .357 SIG cartridge; over that of the .40 S&W.


    Very simple, I'm just NOT A FAN of .40 caliber weapon's!
    Give me the time-tested .45 ACP for any type of

    Best Wishes,
    Ala Dan, N.R.A. Life Member

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