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What's wrong with the SIG Mosquito 22LR?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by wingnut, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. wingnut

    wingnut Member

    I held one in the store today and it felt great. I know store feel is a lot different than actually using it. I haven't had a chance to shoot one yet, but reading online it sure has a bad rap. Does it really suck THAT much? I'd be surprised if a company like SIG wouldn't have addressed any issues the Mosquito had when/if it was off to a bad start, but you all know more than me on this topic, so please tell my why it would be a waste of $250 to buy a SIG Mosquito.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. rj112275

    rj112275 Well-Known Member

    First, I wouldn't say that the Mosquito sucks... however, there are better .22's out there for the price. I had one, but it was traded off. It was a bit finicky with ammo and wasn't as fun to shoot as other .22's. If you want a Sig, then go for it. For me it's been hard to beat a Ruger MkII .22. They eat everything, and shoot forever.
  3. f4t9r

    f4t9r Well-Known Member

    250 is a good price and they do feel good in your hands. I have a few Sigs and all have worked great until the mosquito came along and I had 2 different ones that were terrible on failure to feed and the bolt would slam shut if bumped any at all. Sent back to Sig and got a new one and same problem. That was enough for me and I have bought Browning Buckmark's and never looked back. Do not know if any changes have been made at Sig. One great 22 from Sig is the Trailside
  4. wingnut

    wingnut Member

    I see. Well, the main appeal for me with the Mosquito is that is has a similar form factor to my other handguns, so I thought it might lend to being a better practice gun. But, form factor doesn't matter if the gun doesn't work right. I just really liked the look and feel, and hoped it would be a good practice gun.
  5. kentucky_smith

    kentucky_smith Well-Known Member

    There seems to be quite a few out there right now, along with Walther p22s.

    Not interested in either.

    Seems like Buckmarks are hard to find right now.
  6. Tropical Z

    Tropical Z Well-Known Member

    Well,for starters it's a $150.00 gun (quality wise) being sold to suckers for more than $400.00 in the gun shops I frequent.I've never seen a new one for $250.00 and even at that price point its overpriced.I shot my Beretta Neos today and as always it was flawless with inexpensive bulk ammo.A Neos is vastly better built than a Mosquito or P22 can ever hope to be and would be a wise long term choice unlike the cheaply made SIG or Walther.
  7. siglite

    siglite Well-Known Member

    I've shot the mosquito. I hated the trigger. I mean, the trigger was so bad, it caused me to actually laugh on the line. It only liked certain ammo, but ran fine with the CCI stuff.

    I own a P22. Slightly better trigger, slightly less ammo-picky. But only slightly on both counts.

    I've shot numerous markIIIs. Loved 'em. Not practical for practice that's super applicable to my P series sigs, though. That steep grip angle and all.
  8. AK103K

    AK103K Well-Known Member

    If you like it, buy it. If it doesnt work, you can come back here and bitch about it endlessly like some do here. :)

    I have early versions of both the SIG and Walther. Both have been fine. The DA trigger on the SIG is heavy, but not that bad once you get used to it.
  9. Muddflap

    Muddflap Well-Known Member

    I have one and like it. Same manual of operation as all my other Sigs. It doesn't like Remingtom ammo, so I don't buy it. Other than that, it's fun, and pretty accutate. It does have a pretty tough DA trigger pull, but if I can master that, it just makes me better with my carry Sigs.
  10. Lonestar49

    Lonestar49 Well-Known Member

    Just a guess..


    But I wonder if it is more of an issue of quality, 22Lr ammo, than the gun itself, being, many more inferior made rounds get past the test bench, and thru production and into the multitude of Sig 22 guns out there?

  11. silent_killer

    silent_killer Well-Known Member

    I personally own a Sig Mosquito. The gun is "OK" I wouldnt go much further than that. It feels good in your hand. But like everyone says, it has numerous problems. I always take it to the range with me when I go, someone always needs a gun to shoot in my group, plus of a few of the others that go have little ones, and this gun suits well.

    I have tried almost every round out there for .22LR Regardless of what you use, this gun jams. Remington especially. Winchester Super X seems to be the best rounds I have shot through it for Not Jamming/misfiring.

    I still own the gun if that says anything... I would rate no more than a 6/10
  12. esq_stu

    esq_stu Well-Known Member

    I don't let friends shoot my guns if I know the guns will fail. It's embarrassing. I only let them shoot guns that work.
  13. silent_killer

    silent_killer Well-Known Member

    Nothing you can really do about it. I am not going to throw the gun the garbage, its not that bad, so it jams once every 3 clips. Not really that embarrassing. I had a Glock 45 blow up in my hand. I am lucky I wasnt severely hurt or killed. That gun was embarrassing. I will never own a glock just because of that. Very good ammo, and a 2 day old gun. Cleaned before use. Got one clip through it and then 2 shots into the second mag. boom, if I can find the pictures of the barrel I will post them up. It was a mess.

    Sorry this was a little off topic.
  14. wingnut

    wingnut Member

    Holy crap, dude!
  15. Lightsped

    Lightsped Well-Known Member

    I am a big SIG fan, and a big .22lr fan. If I knew that the Mosquito would work correctly and consistently I'd buy one in a heartbeat.
  16. silent_killer

    silent_killer Well-Known Member

    yea your telling me.... The action was completley jammed, I could not remove the slide, I couldnt even budge it. I had to take it to my gunsmith, he practically had to beat the slide apart from the barrel that ballooned out soo much the slide was press fit to it. If I cannot find pictures I will just take some new ones of the barrel, I still have it.
  17. wingnut

    wingnut Member

    sweet, we gotta see those pics :)
  18. drybones

    drybones New Member

    I've had a SIG Mosquito for about a year. I thought the SIG brand spoke for itself, but that wasn't the case. It came with two slide return springs, but so far I haven't found a cartridge that will feed reliably with the lighter spring. No target loads I've tried will feed in it. The heavier spring is fussy too. It will only function without flaw with a couple of high velocity cartridges, definitely not all. Experimentation is required. I don't shoot it double action much. The trigger pull is long and hard. With single action there is a lot of trigger takeup. It has a few things going for it: it has a small frame for small hands, it's light in weight and it's easy to take down and clean. Why it has an accessory rail, I can't imagine. It does not come close to comparing with what most would know as a SIG pistol. It is definitely not worth the price new. :(
  19. Eightball

    Eightball Well-Known Member

    I have one, and haven't really got a complaint on it, other than that I really haven't found a round that the heavy recoil spring works with. As long as you clean it (which some people neglect on their .22s, and expect them to function flawlessly), and feed it quality ammo (not "bargain bin" .22 ammo), it functions fine. Mine likes copper-washed .22lr, and has functioned fine with anything that doesn't come out of the box with bullets that are wax-coated or turn in their casing (i.e. cheap promotional loads from the various companies). Keep in mind, it's a SIG semiauto .22, not a "feed anything" shotgun. It's not just a "feed any worthless .22 ammo I come across" type firearm. Mine really likes CCI Minimag, and some Remington Golden Bullet (THAT suprised me), and hates all form of plain wax-coated bullets. Minimag ammo is still about 2/3 the cost of 9mm, and you get 100 rounds instead of 50 in a box. Keeping the ammo cost in such relative terms--its a bargain. And at the whole 90% size of a 226, it's gotten me very interested in that firearm, as well.

    Keep it clean, and don't feed it crappy ammo, and you should be fine. They don't have cheap, worthless "brand promotional" loads in Europe, they have good quality ammo only. Plan accordingly, and keep in mind what the thing was designed around.
  20. epoch

    epoch New Member

    mosquito sport

    First, let me say, what a cool looking gun. It works flawlessly with cci minimags. Haven't had a single malf in over 1000 rounds of cci minimags.

    HOWEVER: It is the least accurate gun I have ever shot. I've let plenty of experienced (and not so experienced) people shoot it. No one wants to shoot it after a few mags. It's that bad. It just makes you feel bad getting wide groups at 5 yards. The example I have would be more effective as a club.

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