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What's your favorite 9mm target ammo?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Sawdust, Aug 18, 2004.

  1. Sawdust

    Sawdust Well-Known Member

    I'm looking for good 9mm target ammo for my S&W 5906; due to range restrictions I need brass, no HP. Therefore, my aluminum Blazer and my Speer HP's from ammoman have to stay home.

    Buying bulk is a plus.

    So...what would you get and from where?


  2. armoredman

    armoredman Well-Known Member

    Wally World special Winchester white box 100 round value packs, 115 gr ball, $10.49 or something like that.....Decent stuff, nothing to write home about. Brass case, reloadable.:)
  3. Gump

    Gump Well-Known Member

    I'll second the WWB. Sports Authority had a sale recently $4.99 /100
  4. Werewolf

    Werewolf Well-Known Member

  5. Damon

    Damon Well-Known Member

    I like Winchester White Box, too.
  6. Sawdust

    Sawdust Well-Known Member

    Werewolf sez:

    Yeah, I like Natchez' stuff, but their shipping costs kill me on ammo since they calculate shipping by the pound.

  7. Black Majik

    Black Majik Well-Known Member

    Ditto the Winchester White Box value packs. That's all I shoot out of my guns.

    Hell, my main buying decision for buying a gun is whether WWB value pack ammo is available in that caliber. Hah... :eek:
  8. denfoote

    denfoote Well-Known Member

    Another ditto for Wallyworld WWB!!
    $10.96/ 100 round box!!!
    Many a 10 and 1 have passed across the counter at the sporting goods dept at my local WW!!!!! :D
  9. CZ52GUY

    CZ52GUY Well-Known Member

    CCI Blazer Brass (Wally World now carries in many locations)

    S&B (I usually get it from Natchez - shipped to my location it's close to Wally World for Blazer)

    Winchester White Box (Wally World)

    Geco Dynamit Nobel (usually from Natchez...my finicky 9's seem to like this better)

    Fiocchi 123gr Truncated Cone (another alternative for my finicky 9's...used to get it from CTD)

    Good luck,

  10. clipse

    clipse Well-Known Member

    I will agree with the WWB 100 round value packs. I also am beginning to like the CCI Blazer brass. I think they are both just as accurate, just ones a bit cheaper than the other.

  11. Merc40

    Merc40 Member

    I like Winchester White Box for 9mm and 45 AP!
  12. phantom309

    phantom309 Active Member

    I usually get S&B from Natchez. Costs about the same as WWB and more accurate for me.
  13. BerettaNut92

    BerettaNut92 Well-Known Member

    Winchester Whitey.

    Quantity is a quality in itself :)
  14. Sawdust

    Sawdust Well-Known Member

    The data has not been completely analyzed yet; however, I am getting the distinct impression that you guys are recommending the WWB. :D

    I did step inside a Wal-Mart (actually two; the one in Porter Ranch is not allowed to sell guns or ammo per their agreement with the city when they opened the store) and found the Holy Grail WWB in Simi Valley.

    Grabbed five boxes at $10.96 each...that ought to do it for this week. :evil:

    Thanks for all of the help.

    Skunk: Whitey for you? Who woulda thunk it? Certainly does not go with your primo tacticality. We need to call Winchester and insist that they issue Winchester Black Box for your exclusive use. :D

  15. BerettaNut92

    BerettaNut92 Well-Known Member

    Or twotone. But the brass bullet and casing is close enough to Coyote Brown for me.
  16. cratz2

    cratz2 Well-Known Member

    I've shot an awful lot of S&B and WWB. I like them about equally.

    Georgia Arms also makes very consistant ammo though I usually just shoot the Gold Dots even just for practice.
  17. who me

    who me Well-Known Member

    I'll second the WWB, the S&B and Georgia Arms stuff. It's actually time for me to load up on some bulk .45ACP.
  18. Marshall

    Marshall Well-Known Member

  19. HogRider

    HogRider Well-Known Member

    All my guns have always shot best with the German Geco 9mm 124g FMJ .
    That ammo is excellent stuff. I used to buy them in bulk all the time, but know I am having a hard time finding them anywhere locally.

    Most of the time I shoot the Winchester White Box now, just because of the price.
  20. I am a HUGE fan of the WWB and would suggest it to anyone for a good 9mm ammo to shoot...

    I also like the Remington Express 147-gr. FMJ 9 mm Luger Ammo

    BUT...Occasionally when I fire off a few clips of the Remington I notice a slight "dusting" around the end of the barrel, similar to when you shoot after you don't wipe enough of the oil out of your barrel after cleaning...But that's the only drawback...

    *first post* :D

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