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What's your "never buy" gun?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Meowhead, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. B!ngo

    B!ngo Well-Known Member

    OK, I'm going to piss off a lot of people but I'm a patriotic fellow getting a bit older and would never ever bring home an AK47. A gun designed by communists and used to shoot and kill our (and many other) service men and women. And having done so quite successfully requiring us to retrieve our young in body bags.
    I respect the technology and the round, but never in my hands or my home.
  2. BigBangTheory

    BigBangTheory Member

    So you don't have any Mauser bolt actions (like a fine old machined Winchester 70?)- Not sure a great gun should be blamed for who pulled the trigger pointing it at us-
  3. bubba15301

    bubba15301 Well-Known Member

  4. overcast_days

    overcast_days Well-Known Member

    Charter Arms and Charco are my never buys for quality reasons. I avoid j frames since they do not fit my hands.
  5. Monson

    Monson Member

    Glock...as someone said....if I want to play with tupper ware I'll go to the kitchen!
  6. plexreticle

    plexreticle Well-Known Member

    I would buy anything thing if the price was right.
  7. reggiec

    reggiec New Member

    cimarron arms

    Cimarron Arms; Just a word of caution for any of you that are considering purchasing any products from Cimarron Arms. I just want to tell you that I purchased a new, matching set of sixguns that came from this company several years ago, and after many efforts and frustration over the past couple of years, I've given up. I had several issues with these guns, from double stamped serial numbers and mis matched base pin to white pearlite grips that turned yellow in just a few short years. They have not made good on any of it. They won't even contact you to tell you they can't do anything about it. Also, one of the reasons I purchased these guns was sort of as a collectors item. I doubt they are worth half of what I paid for them. Get your products from anyone but them!
  8. JoelSteinbach

    JoelSteinbach Well-Known Member

    any thing Taurus, went thru 3 different revolvers including the judge, all had issues
  9. OrangePwrx9

    OrangePwrx9 Well-Known Member

    Flintlocks! I'm not buying any damn flintlocks. I've got so many guns to mess with now, that I don't have time for another level of fussing and fidgeting. If it isn't percussion in some way shape or form, I'm not interested.
  10. Agsalaska

    Agsalaska Well-Known Member

    Probably an AR-15. I will keep some of my opinions on why the AR is so popular to myself. But I just dont get the point of an AR-15 in the field. I would much prefer a bolt action Winchester or Weatherby for hunting. Its a little too high maintanance to be considered a good brush gun, at least not in the sandy, hot, humid, and wet world that I would use it in. We stick the 30-30 or the .22 on the Bigfoot and dont take it off for a month. There is no way an AR-15 could handle that and frankly I dont want to fiddle with it all the time. I suppose the personal defense argument is a valid one, but I wouldnt trade my 12 gauge for it.
  11. jp3

    jp3 Well-Known Member

    Glock. I drank the kool aide and spit it out.
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2012
  12. mdauben

    mdauben Well-Known Member

    I would never buy any gun only because it was cheaper than a similar product from another company. :p
  13. threefortyduster

    threefortyduster Well-Known Member

    I tend to never say never, but the gun least likely to appear around me is a Mosin Nagant. Ugly pieces of wood and metal that take 10 hours of cleaning when you buy them just to shoot ammo you can usually only find online.

    I don't care how cheap the gun or the ammo is, .22s are cheaper to shoot.
  14. Warp

    Warp Well-Known Member



    Anything I haven't heard of

    Probably Taurus
  15. stubbicatt

    stubbicatt Well-Known Member

    Probably an AR15. Just don't like them. Never even considered a Taurus or Tanfoglio. Don't particularly care for the older Ruger auto pistols, very clunky. Nothing made by IMI. Jennings and similar scary firearms.
  16. The_Armed_Therapist

    The_Armed_Therapist Well-Known Member

    I'm going to be a jerk. 1911. It isn't because I dislike it, nor that I don't respect it. It's really quite simple.

    1.) For it's size, it's capacity doesn't do it for me. I understand that higher and higher capacities is a new trend; and I am quite young. My thinking has simply been constructed around the idea that more capacity is better, for better or worse.

    2.) They're too big for my hand. I've also been constructed around the idea that I like to operate the slide releases, safeties, etc, with one hand. I don't fully know why. I can't even come close to operating these things with one hand on the 1911. This is pure personal preference.

    3.) Even if they weren't too big, they feel uncomfortable to me. I don't like the grips. Again, this is probably because I'm used to other designs, but that doesn't make it more comfortable to me.

    4.) I'd want a good one, and they're out of my price range. A Springfield Armory, at minimum, with some custom work. I'd really want a Kimber, so I'd be looking at well over a grand. I will never be wealthy, and can't see myself spending so much on a pistol when XDs, Glocks, M&Ps, and many others with great track records, can be bought for under $500. This is especially true when I value rifles much more highly.

    5.) Even compared to something like a Glock 20, the 1911 is far less concealable. I wouldn't want a 4" or 3" 1911 because the grips are basically the same (still too big and too uncomfortable to me), and I like full-sized pistols. 1911s are also much heavier than even the Glock 20.

    I don't intend to blaspheme the things, but I will never buy a 1911. They are strong in areas that I don't value highly, weak in areas that I do, don't suit me personally, and are too expensive. I believe them to be great pistols, though! I really do. :eek:
  17. Kyle M.

    Kyle M. Well-Known Member

    I'l buy anything except a hi-point or any other gun known to explode. I've talked to many a person who has ended up with various parts of a hipoint lodged in there cranium.
  18. Ranger Roberts

    Ranger Roberts Become a THR contributing member!

    I received a Jager p74 in .22 from a friends family after a relative of theirs passed away. I thought it might be fun to have another little .22 plinker. What a POS! It literally fell apart! I don't even know if someone would take it for parts!
  19. xxjumbojimboxx

    xxjumbojimboxx Well-Known Member

    Call me what you want

    Ill buy anything for the right price, for two reasons. Im obsessed with shooting and learning how to break down, fix, clean, alter, and play with any gun imaginable, and if the world comes to a post apocolyptic status then ill have more knowledge then the next guy. That being said, there are some guns I wont pay retail for. Actually i wont pay retail for most guns, there are so many good used ones that are really cheap if your not scared to put 50 dollars into it and fix it.
  20. Nushif

    Nushif Well-Known Member

    You'll excuse me, but I highly doubt that.

    I can't say I would add any new guns to when I first answered, remarkably. There are very few guns I truly would not own.

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