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Wheelgun Monday

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by franco45, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. franco45

    franco45 Well-Known Member

    On Sunday I sold my 1st generation Charter Arms Undercover to a friend for home defense. I wanted to finance a single action 22 revolver. By the time I got home I missed the old Undercover. Today, Monday I set out to find my sa 22. The first store I stopped at had a new CA Undercover matte black with nice rubber grips. Bill the owner offered to sell it to me for my Bersa Thunder CC and $70. I had 2 Bersas, done deal. He didn't have a sa 22. I went over to the other side of town and found a Heritage Rough Rider with both 22lr and 22wmr cylinders and cocobola birds head grips. I now have 2 new wheelguns. Can't wait to get to the range. :D:D
  2. ArchAngelCD

    ArchAngelCD Well-Known Member

    Please don't forget the range report on those Heritage Rough Riders. I know that are inexpensive but can they shoot?

    I bought a used Single-Six last year that was in great condition for only $200. I'm sure that revolver will be passed on to my Grandchildren.
  3. franco45

    franco45 Well-Known Member

    I shot both of my new revolvers tonight. I am extremely happy with both the Charter Arms Undercover and The Heritage Roughrider. Neither are high dollar revolvers. The Undercover has great rubber grips. They serve to minimize recoil quite well. It shot very accurately at 7 to 10 yards. That was as far as I shot this gun as it was bought for ccw.
    The Roughrider was great fun. I shot 75 rounds of 22 lr (CCI mini-mags) and 50 rounds of 22 wmr (Fiochi). It was very accurate out to 25 yards and I only have the four and a half inch barrel. I would love to have a Ruger Single Six but I am happy with this little gun for $200. I thought the loading and clearing of the cylinder would be a hassle but i really enjoyed the process.
    I know this is the revolver forum but I also shot my new (to me) Berretta 21a in 25 acp. Another pleasant surprise. Accurate and very reliable. All in all a great night at the range. Three new guns and all seem to be keepers. :D

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