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When did TULAMMO start using BRASS for Brass?

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by LeftyTSGC, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. LeftyTSGC

    LeftyTSGC Well-Known Member

    Found this today on the range, when did TulAmmo star using brass?

    Who makes it for them if not themselves, and does any one know the quality of the brass for reloading?

    The picture quality is not good but it is all brass.

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  2. d'Artagnan

    d'Artagnan Well-Known Member

    Tula's Brass Max-brand brass ammo being sold in Walmart is "Made in Italy" by Fiocchi.
  3. 1KPerDay

    1KPerDay Well-Known Member

    The stuff I've seen is the GFL fiocchi headstamp, not tula headstamp like that above. I wonder if fiocchi has started headstamping it or maybe providing brass blanks to tula or something.
  4. d'Artagnan

    d'Artagnan Well-Known Member

    The Tulammo 45 Auto brass cases I examined had the made in Italy Fiocchi indicators AND they were primed with Fiocchi primers. Many brands are made by other companies. Examples: my favorite is Independence brand which never made its own ammo, rather that ammo was made by Brazil's CBC, or Speer, or Federal. PMC ammunition has been made by Fiocchi in Italy, Pretoria Metal Pressings (PMP) in South Africa, Arms Corporation of the Philippines, Aguila in Mexico, and in the United States. PMC-, Wolf-, and Tula-brand berdan primers were all made by Russia's Murom Apparatus Factory. Some Fiocchi-USA ammo is made in the USA, but some printed "Proudly Made in the USA" was actually made in Hungary, some by Fiocchi in Italy, and their rimfires by Aguila in Mexico.
  5. Hondo 60

    Hondo 60 Well-Known Member

    Hmmm - never saw brass cased Tulammo before.

    Learn somethin new every day.
  6. rdhood

    rdhood Well-Known Member

    I got a bunch of brass cased tulammo .223 about 4-5 months ago in a .223 brass purchase. So I'm guessing they have been around since (at least) the beginning of the year.
  7. KansasSasquatch

    KansasSasquatch Well-Known Member

    You might want to check your info about PMC. 95% of it has been manufactured in South Korea for the past few years at least. Maybe they used to contract out their manufacturing?
  8. d'Artagnan

    d'Artagnan Well-Known Member

    Perhaps in the last few years PMC cases have been produced nearly entirely in South Korea BUT the information about PMC's suppliers is common knowledge among ammunition collectors, and I have examples of everything I eluded to including boxes -- except for a PMC "Made in Italy" box, anybody got an extra? -- verifying it. PMC has also made SPEER-headstamped cases/ammo and, recently, WCC-headstamped 5.56x45 ammo. Perhaps I should start a website for reloaders illustrating modern headstamps with the goal of identifying which headstamps are actually interchangeable -- made by the same manufacturer/manufacturing process, like the Tulammo brass with G.F.L. cases.
  9. KansasSasquatch

    KansasSasquatch Well-Known Member

    I couldn't tell you how true it actually is but every box of 9mm Para, .40S&W, .45ACP, .38spl, and .223/5.56 that I've bought in the last 5 years has been headstamped PMC and the box says made in South Korea. But I haven't bought any in the last year, in fact the only factory ammo I've bought in the last year has been shotgun ammo, x54R ammo, and Federal JHP .45ACP carry ammo.
  10. ranger335v

    ranger335v Well-Known Member

    Some ammo makers have used steel and aluminum for cases but they all use brass for brass. ??
  11. d'Artagnan

    d'Artagnan Well-Known Member

    PMC case and box made in Philippines:


  12. d'Artagnan

    d'Artagnan Well-Known Member

    PMC case and box made in Republic of South Africa (RSA):


  13. d'Artagnan

    d'Artagnan Well-Known Member

    PMC case and box made in Mexico:


  14. d'Artagnan

    d'Artagnan Well-Known Member

    PMC cases made in USA:


  15. d'Artagnan

    d'Artagnan Well-Known Member

    PMC case made in Italy:

  16. d'Artagnan

    d'Artagnan Well-Known Member

    Box made in USA:

  17. d'Artagnan

    d'Artagnan Well-Known Member

    The previous pictures illustrate the various non-South Korean PMC headstamps and the boxes they came in.
    Phillippines: straight-sided M, no LUGER; box same size with same tray as Arms Corp of the Philippines
    RSA: straight-sided M, lower case m's, with LUGER; box same size with same tray as PMP (Pretoria Metal Pressings)
    Mexico: straight-sided M, no LUGER, dashes before and after PMC; box same size and same tray as Aguila
    Italy: P (period) M (period) C (period) like Fiocchi's G (period) F (period) L (period)
    USA: dots before and after PMC on "American" calibers like 45 Colt and 40 S&W; other calibers indistinguishable from South Korean made, straight-sided M; boxes the same size and same trays as South Korean-made PMC
    Note: there are also (presumably South Korean made) PMC cases with star before and/or after PMC denoting they were made to be sold unloaded. I have seen this type PMC case used for Ultra-Max 45 Colt ammunition.
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  18. d'Artagnan

    d'Artagnan Well-Known Member

    More USA-made PMC headstamps:

    I also have another .PMC. 40 S&W with PMC's M like an upside-down W, but smaller characters.
  19. ArchAngelCD

    ArchAngelCD Well-Known Member

    Talk about thread drift... 8 posts in a row about PMC brass including pictures in a thread asking about Tula Ammo.
    I think the OP deserves a little more respect than that. (IMHO of course)

    Since I have only bought .223 ammo sold under the Tula brand I'm sorry to say I can't be of any help with when they started using brass cases in their handgun ammo. If it is in fact made for them by Fiocchi I would say it's good brass to reload. I thought Tula ammo was being made in the same plant as Wolf ammo so I'm at a loss as to why they would need Fiocchi, or any other manufacturer to produce cases for them.

    I have used Wolf ammo, Wolf Military Classic ammo, Golden/Silver/Brown Bear and another one from Russia I can't remember right now but Tula ammo is very new to me for the most part. Rumor has it Tula is the parent company for Wolf but I have no idea if that's true or not although on "Cartridge collectors.org" the WOLF stamp is credited to Tula.
  20. d'Artagnan

    d'Artagnan Well-Known Member

    I just found out there is a newer Tulammo brass case 9mm Luger product made in Bosnia and Herzogovina (the Moslem areas of former Yugoslavia) and advertised here:
    The packaging is the same as that of the Bosnian Pobjeda ammo company in Gorazde rather than the packaging of another (the other?) Bosnian ammo company, Igman in Konjic. Anyway, the differences between the Italian-made Tulammo (which I have examples of) and Bosnian headstamps (which I don't have examples of) are minor -- the lower case "a" in Tulammo on Italian cases is a square whereas the pictures I've seen of the Bosnian headstamp show an "a" like the one I just typed in quotes. Also the "9" on Italian cases is larger. So the picture appears to be of the Bosnian variety Tulammo 9mm Luger. Since I don't have a Bosnian case to examine I can't say what other differences there are. The Italian-made Tulammo ammo can also be identified by the box it comes in; "Made in Italy", Fiocchi lot numbers, and Fiocchi tray. Igman-made cases (of which I have precisely one) were known for there very small diameter flashholes which often pulled out or bent decapping pins.

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