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Where are there reloading components for sale?

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by bds, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. Lennyjoe

    Lennyjoe Active Member

    Tried to put some primers on back order through Powder Valley. Took the order online but today I received an email canceling the order. Says they are not taking orders on items out of stock. So I guess I play the notification game and hope I respond in time.
  2. stiffdogg06

    stiffdogg06 New Member

    Yeah, they stopped taking back orders a while back.
  3. Beentown

    Beentown New Member

    You know it is bad when most pocket reamers are not available. Looking for a Hornady Pocket Reamer Combo. I need to remove the crimp on 223Rem and 308Win.
  4. ole farmerbuck

    ole farmerbuck New Member

    Maybe I shouldnt say it here but I have a RCBS crimp remover I'd sell. The type you use on a press. Hardly ever used. I got a Dillon. PM me I guess.
  5. bds

    bds Active Member

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  6. bds

    bds Active Member

  7. bds

    bds Active Member

  8. bds

    bds Active Member

  9. mtrmn

    mtrmn New Member

    I THINK Brownells/Sinclair will still allow backorders on primers. At least the notation on Gunbot said so.
  10. stiffdogg06

    stiffdogg06 New Member

    I need some 70-75gr .224 bullets :(

    EDIT: Nevermind. bds found some. :)
  11. bds

    bds Active Member

    Affordable Brass & Bullets (X-Treme plated bullets):

    32 100 gr FP - http://store.affordablebrassandbullets.com/32-100gr-fp-plated-bullets-in-stock

    32 100 gr HP - http://store.affordablebrassandbullets.com/32-100gr-hp-plated-bullets-in-stock

    380 100 gr RNFP - http://store.affordablebrassandbullets.com/catalog/product/0cd27125c76094d5ec7456b40133cb74

    38 125 gr FP (.357") - http://store.affordablebrassandbull...5019291/38-125gr-fp-1-plated-bullets-in-stock

    38 158 gr RNFP (.357" with cannulare) - http://store.affordablebrassandbullets.com/catalog/product/5799af16ec14f87aec7edceab7217f06

    38 158 gr SWC (.357") - http://store.affordablebrassandbull...019291/38-158gr-swc-1-plated-bullets-in-stock

    40 155 gr RNFP - http://store.affordablebrassandbull...291/1040-165gr-1-rnfp-plated-bullets-in-stock

    40 165 gr RNFP - http://store.affordablebrassandbullets.com/1040-165gr-rnfp-plated-bullets-in-stock

    40 180 gr HP - http://store.affordablebrassandbullets.com/jhp-bullets/1040-180gr-hp-plated-bullets-in-stock

    44 200 gr FP (.429") - http://store.affordablebrassandbullets.com/44-200gr-fp-plated-bulletsin-stock

    44 240 gr FP (.429") - http://store.affordablebrassandbullets.com/catalog/product/e3bfa0564f69198a37d070555cc1695d

    45 200 gr RN (.452") - http://store.affordablebrassandbull...y/5019291/45200gr-rnfp-plate-bullets-in-stock

    45 200 gr SWC (.451") - http://store.affordablebrassandbullets.com/45-200gr-swc-plated-bullets-in-stock

    45 230 gr HP (.452") - http://store.affordablebrassandbullets.com/jhp-bullets/45-230gr-hp-x-treme-plated-bullets-in-stock

    Rifle bullets - http://store.affordablebrassandbullets.com/rifle-bullets
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  12. Belmont148

    Belmont148 New Member

    I feel like I really lucked up today. Scored 2# of HP38 and 2# of TAC at Sportsmans Warehouse in Columbia SC today. They had a good bit still on the shelf when I left.

    They also have a big keg of Power Pistol, some red dot, green dot, and a few Reloader bottles. I think 19 and 25. They had some other Ramshot powder called Magnum.
  13. 1SOW

    1SOW New Member

    Missouri bullets has lead pistol bullets with a forcast 6-10 week delay.

    Ooops, corrected manufacturer
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2013
  14. Arkansas Paul

    Arkansas Paul Active Member

    I had a similar experience at the Sportsman's Warehouse in Memphis last weekend. We got 2# of Bullseye, a pound of Uniqe and a Pound of Ramshot Magnum.
    They also had a very nice selection of rifle bullets. Not so much on the pistol stuff though.
    They also had some presses and kits in stock.
  15. Lennyjoe

    Lennyjoe Active Member

    Sportsmans Warehouse in Tucson is still doing the 0700 ticket handout for an 0900 open and lineup for powders, primers and ammo.
  16. cajun executioner

    cajun executioner New Member

    No that's not bad. My local shop is now charging $40 for CCI SRP.
  17. bds

    bds Active Member

  18. bds

    bds Active Member

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  19. bds

    bds Active Member

  20. mebe007

    mebe007 New Member

    Anyone use the armscore 38fmj billets? Do they have a cannelure?

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