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Where can I buy the FMJ .410 derringer?

Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by BigBlock, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. BigBlock

    BigBlock member

    For a long time I've wanted to buy one of these things:


    Which as far as I can tell, is a Cobray/FMJ .410 derringer.

    I've searched, and searched, and searched, and then I searched again. After that I searched some more. Then I searched again. I can't find one anywhere. I've read everything from "they've been out of business and out of production for years" to "I just bought a new one yesterday". Where the heck can I buy one of these things?!
  2. Snowdog

    Snowdog Well-Known Member

    From the repution I've read of these, I don't know if I'm doing you a favor or disservice by helping you locate one, but here it goes:

    The sell new from SOG (1-800-944-4867) and is listed as the "FMJ Derringer Model DD", part number FMJ-802400DB, listed price $109.95

    If you buy one, post a range report if you get the time (or still have all your digits, :neener: ).

    Good luck
  3. doc2rn

    doc2rn Well-Known Member

    Snowdog while getting him what he wanted may have been helpful, I would have steered him to a Bond Arms .45/.410
  4. bhp9mm

    bhp9mm Well-Known Member

    does anybody no what it is made out of it just dont look like its made that good it looks scary to shoot
  5. Deer Hunter

    Deer Hunter Well-Known Member

    A friend of my dad's bought around 20 of those back in the day to sell to various people. Still has around 5. They kick badly with .45 colt.
  6. BigBlock

    BigBlock member

    Alright, thanks for the part number. Can anybody tell me more about "FMJ"? Do they have a website? I've also read about these things being sold in kit form, anybody know if such a thing exists?

    BTW - I plan on making my own larger wood grips for it. ;)
  7. spiroxlii

    spiroxlii Well-Known Member

    Check my sig. I have one! Exactly like the one in the picture. I'll post pics soon. If you've read my comments about it here on THR, you'll know that I'm not as happy with it as I once was.

    Of course, mine has never been cleaned. My dad got it as a curiousity and then handed it down to me before I learned much about gun care, so I wrote it off as a "bad gun" a while back. Now that I actually know what I'm doing, I'm going to clean it up and give it another chance.

    I've fired it with both .45LC and .410 shot shells. Because of its small grips and light weight, it kicks and the muzzle has a strong tendency to flip up. With practice, you can minimize that effect. I still don't think it's the most practical gun in the world, but it's fun for what it is. I've only seen it used against soda cans, snakes, and melons, and it was a blast in all three cases.
  8. wolf_from_wv

    wolf_from_wv Well-Known Member

    Also try: Leinad .

    I didn't think it was bad with .45s - but I was using handloads.
  9. Acera

    Acera Well-Known Member

    If you want something "nicer" check out these guys.


    My cousin loves his, very easy to carry with a strong punch.
  10. billdeserthills

    billdeserthills Well-Known Member

    I actually own one of the single barrel models of the FMJ, it is a reliable gun, although the way the safety works, will never be really a quick save your life type of shooter. I currently stock the single barrel model in my gun shop & it is made by Leonid. Also they have changed the safety a little bit- It Really Sucks now!
    A friend had the exact gun you have pictured, he had trouble with the firing pin only working on one side consistantly. FWIW, I would pick the single barrel version over a Cobra or Hi Point anyday.
  11. VE2RF

    VE2RF Well-Known Member

    FMJ, Cobray, Leinad, Leinadi, Mountain Arms Corporation, SWD, WDA, and a few other names have were(or are) "sock puppet" and "dummy/holding corporations" for Sylvia and Wayne Daniel.

    They were one of the biggest names in the mass production of the Ingram/MAC type guns, and they're also largely responsible for giving these guns a bad rep.

    They're also the ones that did the MAC-10 ad that read "The Gun that made the 80's Roar".

    Because of their advertising, the price point of their models, and the liberal media's hyperbole surrounding "sub-machine guns," "assault pistols and rifles", and "semi-auto killing machines", Wayne and Sylvia have also been sued several times by private individuals, cities, states, and even the Feds. They've also been the subject of an untold number of witchhunts.

    Currently, both Wayne and Sylvia have residences in Copperhill TN. Wayne still has a machining facility and small warehouse operation where some of the various kits and parts are still made.

    I grew up 15 minutes from Copperhill, and can say that Wayne and Sylvia were both very nice people, and they had a good reputation locally for the way they treated local people and customers. In fact, up until 2002, the Leinad business was listed in the local phone book.

    While many people deride their customer service and quality, I somehow doubt that the number of people who spread these stories have ever owned one of their products, much less extensively shot them. Out of the people I've known who owned their firearms, overwhelming most were happy with the product, price, and customer support.

    I know someone who bought an M11/9 from them that developed problems after the buyer used some Israeli "+P+ type" rounds which were marked specifically for use in rifles and carbines only. The guy was out of state, and he was exceptionally p.o.'d- p.o.'d to the point of being obnoxious and irrational. Wayne paid for shipping of the gun both ways, had his best machinist go through the gun, perform an action job, and then sent it back to the customer. The key was that the customer actually contacted Leinad and got them involved. Many of the people who have problems with these guns take them to a local gunsmith without much experience in dealing with these arms and then manages to screw them up worse than before- making a bad situation worse. There is something to be said for OEM's in some cases.

    Anyway, I know this is an old post, just thought I'd throw in my two cents
  12. MCgunner

    MCgunner Well-Known Member

    Saw one at a gun show a while back for $150. :rolleyes: Pretty worthless if you ask me.
  13. BBroadside

    BBroadside Well-Known Member

    Welcome to The High Road, VE2RF.

    I have little to add to your mini-biography. I certainly have never seen much online about these companies; never a website and only a few mentions on message boards. Duncan Long talks more about the SWD MACs in The Terrifying Three (he could easily have written a book that length just about versions of the Ingram, but there are also sections on Uzi and Intratec weapons).

    Interestingly enough, that derringer forms the basis of a (almost) full-length .410 shotgun. Least expensive side-by-side I've ever seen, but I've never seen it reviewed.
  14. spiroxlii

    spiroxlii Well-Known Member

    I recently said that I had one and didn't like it. After giving mine a good cleaning and taking it out for another spin, I've changed my mind... sort of. I'm talking about the Cobray/Leinad side by side version, because I have no experience with the over/under models from American Derringer or Bond Arms.

    Mine is still an ergonomic nightmare. The grip isn't well suited to my large hand, and having a small poorly shaped grip doesn't help to tame recoil, so I end up with soreness in the web where my thumb joins my palm after I shoot a handful of cartridges. The other problem I sometimes have is with extraction. After you fire either brass .45LC cartridges or plastic .410 shells, you break the gun open to extract the spent cartridges manually. There is no extractor or ejector on this small cheap weapon. There's just a little indentation where you can work your fingernails or another spent cartridge under the rim of the chambered cartridge to pry it out. Sometimes the spent cartridges will just fall out or come out with very little effort. Sometimes they hang on for dear life and require a healthy yank with a set of pliers to come out, even when the weapon isn't dirty.

    I'd use this gun to dispatch a snake in my path, and it would probably perform decently in that role, but only with .410 shells. I've tried 3 inch shells of No4 and No5 shot in it, and they seem to maintain a pattern dense enough to be useful out to about 10-15 feet. With .45LC cartridges from this short barrel, you can only really get "minute of bad guy" accuracy out to a few feet. I suppose if you wanted to use this derringer with .45LC at "card table" distance to shoot the guy hiding aces up his sleeve, you could.
  15. michiana

    michiana New Member

  16. machinisttx

    machinisttx Well-Known Member

    Don't waste your money. My wife made me buy one because it was "cute". The barrels are bored and rifled off center in mine, as well as the chambers not being concentric to the bore/rifling. It patterns very poorly with .410 shells. I haven't fired any .45 Colt through it because all of my handloads are +P stuff for my Ruger.

    Buy a bond arms or something else of higher quality.

    I'd equate the FMJ derringer to the Liberator .45 acp pistol of WW2. It'll work if you're close, but make sure you get a better gun ASAP.
  17. spiroxlii

    spiroxlii Well-Known Member

    Haha. I hadn't thought of it that way, machinisttx... but you're right. These cheap FMJ/Cobray/Leinad .45/.410 derringers are just like the .45 Liberator "resistance weapons" of WWII.

    "A great gun to get another gun with."

    After some more time spent with mine, my opinion from two posts ago remains unchanged. I don't hate the one I have as long as I keep its limitations in mind, but I would not make the purchase again if I knew just how limited this weapon is.
  18. Gord

    Gord Well-Known Member

    How do they pattern at, say, four yards?

    They're cheap, they look cool and the concept of a miniature .410 SxS in my hand tickles my fancy for whatever reason. I asked about 'em a while back (search "Leinad" and the thread may come up - guy posted a pic with his and a snake he'd just killed with it) and got the funniest line I've seen here in reply. It now resides in my sig line... :D
  19. spiroxlii

    spiroxlii Well-Known Member

    I will take an exact measurement for you if you want, but the short answer is... at 4 yards using 3'' shells of No4 and No5 shot, my patterns were LARGE.

    I was shooting at a piece of leftover drywall that was about 2' by 4', and the pattern was wider than 2' but not quite 4' in diameter. I did not notice too much of a "ring" pattern created by the gun's short rifled barrel; however, the entire pattern was pretty sparse.
  20. clarence222

    clarence222 Well-Known Member

    I have one of these and shooting 45 isnt bad but the 410 can be very painful, I dont guess I have figured out exactly how to old the thing to keep from injuring my fingers. Dont know if its le4gal and havent ever done it but was shown by a gunsmith how to remove the safety. I dont carry mine so I left it in place.

    Also have one of the FP 45 Liberators from WWII although I havent shot it yet and really dont plan too

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