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where did my powder go?

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by kennedy, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. kennedy

    kennedy Well-Known Member

    Ok, I had 1 pound of AA#5 which is 7000grs, I am using 7grs for my .40, so I should be able to load 1000 rds, but I have only gotten 700 rds loaded and am out of powder, what happened to the rest?
  2. Eagle103

    Eagle103 Well-Known Member

    It's sprinkled all over your reloading bench, floor, and probably even your pants.:uhoh: At least that's what it does out of my Lee Auto Disk. I like the stuff but you could mistake it for baby powder if it wasn't black.
  3. mc223

    mc223 Well-Known Member

    Time for a new scale?
  4. SR_

    SR_ Well-Known Member

    or check weights for the scale you're using.

    BTW, do you still have 300 primers? If you started with 1,000 primers and now have zero, then maybe you somehow forgot about the 300 you loaded a while back..... just a thought.
  5. kennedy

    kennedy Well-Known Member

    yes, I use a lee auto disk. but I can`t believe I spilled that much
  6. Hook686

    Hook686 Well-Known Member

    This is one of the reasons I have given up on Winchester 296, and gone back to Alliant's Unique and 2400, as my complete powder options.
  7. kennedy

    kennedy Well-Known Member

    I went thru a box of 500 rainer bullets, then 100 out of a new box and 100 hornady xtp. its kind of got me worried, so much I also loaded 70 rds of .308, but the missing powder would account for 40 rds of .308, i might pull a few to see if I goofed, except the amount of H4895 left over looks correct.
  8. GP100man

    GP100man Well-Known Member

    is aa5 in a 1# or 14oz.?????

  9. Walkalong

    Walkalong Moderator

    1 Lb.

    Need a new scale or better records, because that's 10 Grs. per round. :what:

    My 10X does not spill/leak powder. My old Hornady pistol measure would leak a little now and then. I can't say I have never spilled any, but that is not the measures fault.
  10. shc1

    shc1 Well-Known Member

    Bush got it...:D
  11. kennedy

    kennedy Well-Known Member

    I know they are not loaded heavy, less recoil then factory winchester white box and in my EAA witness, just enough power to cycle the action.
  12. GP100man

    GP100man Well-Known Member

    i think id randomly pick some rnds & un bullet em to check powder weight!!!
    like Walkalong said 10 gr/rnd thatll work the slide too good!!!

  13. TEDDY

    TEDDY Well-Known Member


    believe me the ones that blow a cylinder or slide dont kick or make loud noise
    I use lee powder measures and dont have that problem with 700x.
    PULL A FEW.:uhoh:-----:confused:---:mad:----:rolleyes:
  14. kennedy

    kennedy Well-Known Member

    pulled a few and every thing is correct, going to get a new powder hopper from lee since mine will not tighten down anymore(stripped threads)
  15. Eagle103

    Eagle103 Well-Known Member

    Get a Pro Auto Disk hopper this time. No more stripped threads. I think that explains the lost powder.
  16. kelbro

    kelbro Well-Known Member

    The SW near me recently fired a guy. Said he had been 'skimming' their powder bottles for quite some time. "Nobody will miss a few scoops out of these bottles".
  17. wworker

    wworker Well-Known Member

    I was thinking the same thing, the bottles probably had less than a pound in them.
  18. K3

    K3 Well-Known Member

    An easy way to check if it's a scale issue is to place a light bullet on it. I was wondering about a similar issue with IMR4895, so I weighed a 50gr VMax. It weighs 50 grains. Tried a 180gr Gameking. 180gr. I then checked a couple of powder charges on a second scale, and there was no discrepancy.

    As it turns out, I had loaded some other rounds that I didn't write up in my notes.
  19. 1911NM

    1911NM Well-Known Member

    What I was thinking also. Last time I bought a pound of W231, it had 14oz written on it. Rather like, where did my 3lb can of coffee go?
  20. KeithB

    KeithB Well-Known Member

    my W231 says 1 pound

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