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Where to buy Sako TRG parts...

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by SilentStalker, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. SilentStalker

    SilentStalker Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know a good place online to buy Sako TRG parts? I have this new rifle that is nothing more than an expensive baseball bat at the moment because I do not have anything for it. I am looking for accessories for it i.e. scope mounts, front emergency sight, sling, bipod, extra magazine, etc. I would prefer some place that is cheaper than BerettaUSA which is the people who import these things. I have found a few items on gunbroker.com but I am always a little too late it seems. Any help here would be most appreciated as I want to shoot this thing. However, I have to buy a piece at a time considering what this stuff cost. I new it would be expensive and I know this is a great rifle, but now I look back on it and think about how many other guns I could have purchased for the price it is going to cost me to put this one rifle together. I am sure it will be worth it in the end, but as of right now I have nearly $3000 in this thing and I still need a bipod ($500+), another magazine ($200+), a scope mount ($200+), a scope. This is getting expensive. Anyways if anyone can give me some good places to get accessories from, it would be most appreciated. Thanks.
  2. SilentStalker

    SilentStalker Well-Known Member

    Wow, nobody knows where to get accessories for these things? Am I the only guy in here that owns one? No, that cannot be.
  3. Zak Smith

    Zak Smith Moderator Staff Member

    Try Euro Optics.
  4. GaryD

    GaryD Member

    TJ General Store sells Sako TRG Parts and Accessories. www.tjgeneralstore.com I am waiting for my bipod to arrive that I ordered from them, so I have no report on them yet.
  5. pdd614

    pdd614 Well-Known Member

  6. USP45T

    USP45T Active Member

    +1 for Euro Optic. Try Cott Firearms in Missouri and Bachman P&G in Dallas also.
  7. GBMaryland

    GBMaryland Member

    Just as a followup to this thread...

    (I was searching to TRG-22/42 parts and found this thread...)

    Near Manufacturing makes some DAMN nice stuff for the Sako TRG-22/42.

    I have a TRG-42 and I've had both the Near break and the Sako brake, and the Near one is hands down better at recoil reduction.

    I also have the Near scope rail, and it's unbelievably well made.

    I would probably take the Near parts over the Sako parts. (...and the Sako parts are good too...)

    Aside from the 3 website that are all the same (tjgeneralstore, a2zoutdoors, and thecountryshed [.com]), you need to call Berretta directly to order parts.

    They have a VERY limited selection online, with NO options for the butt spacers or the cheek spacers.

    Also, Berretta does not make replacement barrels available, so you need to have a US gunsmith rebarrel you TRG when the time comes.

    (I'll use a 1:11 26 inch Lilja barrel at that point...)
  8. GBMaryland

    GBMaryland Member


    I just noticed that there may be a guy on SH.com that makes ADJUSTABLE cheek and butt pieces for the TRG-22/42.

  9. Wes Janson

    Wes Janson Well-Known Member

    Wait...so there are no replacement barrels available??

  10. GBMaryland

    GBMaryland Member

    Spoke with Berretta USA directly (the firearms CS side) and NO, they don't import them to the US.

    In fact, I've been emailing a guy from Norway that actually used a Lilja barrel to rebarrel his.

    Odd. Since it a military item you'd think that the barrels would nto be uncommon.
  11. Will Fennell

    Will Fennell Well-Known Member

    These guys recently decided to carry the full line of SAKO TRG accesories here in the US...


    I'll second the fact the Richard Near has GREAT bases for the TRG, and that is what is going on my TRG now. I have been running a EGW base, which is fine, and a bargain, but the base from Near is fantastic. I have a Near muzzle brake inbound from Canada now.

    I have both a SAKO bipod, and a Harris set up for my TRG. I can't, so far, make my mind up which I like. The SAKO bipod has some advantages, but so does the Harris.....so don't automatically assume you need to spend the $$$$ on the SAKO bipod.

    The only factory acces. that you don't have a choice but to buy is the spare Mags.

    It is an AWESOME rifle......
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2009
  12. paleta169

    paleta169 New Member

    Sako Parts

    Ya, I bought a TRG22 about 6 years ago...I didn't play around looking for parts. I got everything with it......EXCEPT A SLING!:banghead: I got tired of just shooting targets and competing against friends and always winning so now I also take it hunting. I figure for the 6 grand i have invested in it I'm at least gonna kill something with it. lol. But as any of you owners of a Sako know.... the darn thing is extremely heavy to carry around the woods all day with no sling. My dealer stopped getting parts from Beretta and now I don't know where to get this adapter or whatever goes where the front sling post should be. I'm going to check the links that some of you posted but if anyone has any information that's a little more current or cheaper please let me know. I paid about half of the amounts that I see some of you have on here. 500 for bipods? no way. paid 275.00 right from beretta. Thanks.


    ps. ps. please put SAKO in the subject bar so i know it's not junk mail.
  13. Will Fennell

    Will Fennell Well-Known Member


    I now see Brownells is the distributor of spare/replacement parts for BerettaUSA/SAKO.....they have many sako parts instock.
  14. I bought my TRG about five months ago. I had the same problem, but I started doing some research on what is the best for the money. Don't buy the SAKO bipod, they are in the $550.oo, I went to Euro Optics and bought the pic rail for mounting any bipod I wanted. I ended up installing a VersaPod, and I love it.

    I also decided to go with a custom check spacer and Length of pull spacer from a guy in Finland, he's on the SnipersHide. The guy does Awesome TRG work. I also bought the very best custom muzzle brake I could find. It moves the gases out to the side and up, not under the muzzle. The brake is made in Germany by a custom gunsmith by Roedale. I then installed the best scope rings and bases I could find.

    I went with Badger 34mm rings and a 35MOA base. I then got a real good deal on one of the best scopes made in the world. I put a Schmidt & Bender Police Marksman II 5x25x56 FFP. I now have right at $8,000.00 in my setup, but I'm shooting five round 1/8" groups at 100yds hand loading 168 gr SMK's using Lupua Brass and Varget powder. I now have a surgical instrument. ;)





  15. datatools

    datatools New Member

    Sako TRG Adjustable Cheek Rest

    Hello, I own a TRG 42 in the .300 Win Mag. I'm wondering where you got your adjustable cheek and LOP. You mentioned a guy in Finland, can you give me more info on this. Thanks in advance.

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