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Where'd they go?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by sm, May 2, 2005.

  1. sm

    sm member

    I went perusing Pawn Shops and Gun Shops.
    Well - that is what the signs read anyway...

    Not a single shot shotgun , especially in .410 to be had.
    Not a single shot .22 rifle (like a Remington 514).
    Folks didn't know what a Nylon 66 was...
    NO Marlin 60's, Rem Speedmasters or Fieldmasters .

    Where'd they go?

    I used to pick these up all the time for very little money.

    Back when [tm] before the Pawn folks and Mom&Pop Gun stores I knew an d dealt with either retired, died, or both...These folks would hold back and call me when this stuff came in. I don't know how many over the years I have bought and given away.

    I guess perhaps smaller towns is where these are??

    Now I did learn Remington never made a pump .22 Rifle. And that 10/22 with the thumbhole stock in ...well...kinda a cross between "Planet of the Apes" and "Mad Max" ...lets just say it was "customized" is what the folks in the Sandbox are using for Special Covert Urban Warfare...

    That's news to me coach... :p Far be it for me to agrue with a guy wearing his lunch and a Hyundai ball cap.

    Yes I know one can get new H&R Toppers, and the Rossi .410s, along with Romanian Trainers and new Marlin 60's for little money.

    Still - where be the OLD Rem, Win. Savages ... etc single shot .22 rifles? What about all the OLD single shot .410s?

    Please tell me these are being hoarded for memories and young'uns. And not turned in to buy-back programs. Please.

  2. Harry Paget Flashman

    Harry Paget Flashman Well-Known Member

    It took me decades to find an H&R Model 999 topbreak .22 and a .30-40 Krag carbine. The old guns are out there somewhere and probably pricey. I guess the new paradigm for buying nostaglia guns is to buy it when you see it now... before the price doubles again and someone else buys it out from under you. Either that or we learn to live without them. :(
  3. Harry Paget Flashman

    Harry Paget Flashman Well-Known Member

    P.S. Nothing wrong with the new Rossi .410/.22 combos at $109.
  4. charby

    charby Well-Known Member

    well I don't see too many handguns anymore in Pawn Shops, see lots of 870's 500' and occasional bolt rifle. Most handguns if i do see them are over priced glocks of some sort or berreta 92.

    Went into Scheels in Coralville/Iowa City, Iowa on Sunday, had maybe a 3 dozen used handguns, about twice as many new ones on display. Handguns just not popular anymore? Go to Sportsman Warehouse and there will be damn near a hundred different makes and models of handguns on display but they don't sell used at all. :(

  5. Larry Ashcraft

    Larry Ashcraft Moderator Staff Member

    Don't know about the shotguns, but I think I have most of the single shot .22s.

    I swear, the things breed. :D
  6. Moonclip

    Moonclip Well-Known Member

    I also wonder where guns go too, I could really go on about my theories on this but I will spare you. I saw a Ballester Molina 45acp this weekend but it was too beat up for the price. I have not seen one of these since they were imported though. I think a lot of people sell or give their guns they got when gramps dies to like a neighbor or friend and they don't make it to the gun shop.

    Also in lower end guns either the gun shop or pawn shop does not want it and either says no or offers so little the person selling figures they will just keep it.
  7. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    I think lots of grand old guns are rusting in basements and attics. A great many wouldn't be worth salvaging even if they were spotted and put on the market again.
  8. ACP230

    ACP230 Well-Known Member

    Here's where some good guns went.

    A Bronco single-shot .410 disappeared from the hardware store shelf and into my collection about 30 years ago. It's not going anywhere.

    I picked up an Ithaca 49 single-shot .22 rifle about 10 years ago. It's only gone as far as my youngest son's fledgling collection.

    The CMP sent me a single-shot Remington 40X .22 rifle about three years ago. It's staying put and shooting lots of .22 benchrest targets and small groups for me.

    A shooting buddy calls my collection "The Black Hole." "Guns go in and they never come out!" I'm not the only one to work on that principle either.
  9. sm

    sm member

    Standing Wolf, I am afraid of that. Sniff...Sniff... :(

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