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Which 30-06?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Ed from Maine, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. Ed from Maine

    Ed from Maine New Member

    I used to have a Ruger #1 in 30-06; traded it in towards a nice shotgun. I still have a lot of ammo, loading dies, etc, and am thinking about replacing the 30-06. I will be punching holes in paper, not hunting. I like an accurate, smooth and good handling rifle. I am currently looking at an assortment, all of which are roughly in the same price bracket, give or take a $100 or so, the used items are lightly used, say in the 95-98% bracket. Which would you choose?
    Winchester 70 Classic DBM (one of the newer ones)
    Remington 700 BDL
    Browning A-Bolt II
    Tikka T3 LIte
    Browning X-bolt Hunter
    Have never fired any of these, except I do have Tikka T3 lite in .223, which I like fine, won't win any beauty contests, but does the job.
    thanks, Ed
  2. P.B.Walsh

    P.B.Walsh Active Member

    Winchester 70, just pick one.....
  3. beefyz

    beefyz New Member

    Sorry....can't comment on your choices but i shoot '06 extensively out of a ruger 77 about 30 yrs old....a tack driver if there ever was one. wouldn't trade/switch out from this one.

    "I will be punching holes in paper"

    If thats all, some on this forum i believe will state that the new out of the box Savage is a good buy. then again, if you have your heart set on any of the above, i'm sure others will soon chime in.
  4. USSR

    USSR Active Member

    I am also partial to the Winchester Model 70.

  5. Z71

    Z71 New Member

    I bought a Remington M700 ADL synthetic in .30-06 in 2000...has the new style safety..so no danger..and is a fantastic shooter. 1" or less 100yd groups off a bench with good ammo. I bet a BDL version would do just as good.

    Also own a US 1903 rifle..and a M1 Garand..these eat .30-06 too..although the Garand is ammo sensitive...you could feed it with your reloading gear.
  6. pikid89

    pikid89 New Member

    i second the garand
    i have always wanted one but cannot afford to feed it...it looks like that might be a good option for you however
    especially considering you are prepared to drop coin on the likes of a Remington BDL or an A-Bolt
    for the price of one of those and associated optics...you could have a pretty dang nice Garand
  7. blackops

    blackops New Member

    Remington. Later down the road, if you decide to change the rifle in any way, the options are more endless, more available, and cheeper because of those reasons.
  8. BrocLuno

    BrocLuno New Member

    Garrand does not like varying bullet weight, I don't think? I think maybe a nice bolt gun and I'm a big fan of the Tikka's - BUT, I don't think it would be a "lite" for that caliber. I think I'd want a bit more weight and heft? Mine are sportered P1917 "Enfields" (No flames, I got them that way) which would equate to a Remington Model 30. They are 8 1/2 and 9 lb rifles and they are not too bad to spend a range session behind 06.

    So maybe it would be better to go with standard weight rifle, a nice recoil pad and a slightly long eye relief scope? Heavier 06 loads can get up a head of steam :)
  9. brandon_mcg

    brandon_mcg New Member

    i used to shoot my dad's ought six. standard remington 700. nice shooting gun with a cheap tasco world class.

    i gave myself a nice gash on the eyebrow when i was 12 shooting that dern thing, so eye relief is important as you have already stated.
  10. Abel

    Abel New Member

    Browning X-bolt Hunter
  11. CZguy

    CZguy New Member

    Well I would try and buy back the Ruger #1 that you traded. :D

    I have a personal preference for older Winchester 70s, or Remington 700s.
  12. Durty

    Durty New Member

    I have a Ruger M77 chambered in 30-06 and like it a lot because it's easy to shoot and accurate with all ammo I have put through it. It's what I carry whenever I hunt deer out of a tree stand. However, all I really shoot on a regular basis are my Model 700 BDLs, although I do not have one chambered in 30-06. I have BDLs in .243, .22-250, and .300 win mag and love them all. My buddy at home in TN has a Browning A-Bolt (not sure if it's an A-Bolt II) with no modifications and it shoots great. Very accurate, clean trigger pull, and the rifle is obviously built to properly handle recoil.
  13. Ballistics

    Ballistics New Member

    My preference would be the Tikka. You won't need to modify it... expect greatness right out of the box.
  14. xquercus

    xquercus New Member

    Ed, I shoot .308 -- not 30-06 -- but I love my Remington 700 LTR. Haven't used the other Remington 700 models enough to really comment. I love the X-Mark Pro trigger and the stock rifle shoots .5 MOA 5 shot groups over and over from a bench. I shoot it pretty much stock, as it fits me well, but there are so many aftermarket options for it that I'll never get bored. There are so many options to suite virtually any shooting purpose that it can be difficult to wade through all of the options.

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