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Which company makes the best extension tube

Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by gym, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. gym

    gym member

    I have a Benneli nova, new, and would like to install a +2 extension tube. I have looked at a half dozen online from 32 to 100 dollars. To me it's just a tube, and shoudn't make a diference as long ast the spring and follower are ok. Benneli will only sell theirs to LEO, does anyone have experience with these, and if so which one do I want? Will also purchase one if anyone has one. It is the 18 1/2 inch barrell, with the tactical sights
  2. creeper1956

    creeper1956 Well-Known Member

    Nordic makes some of the best quality tubes and low drag followers around. Take a look at what the 3-gun competitors use on Benelli M2s, and you'll see a whole lot of Nordic tubes and other accessories.
  3. Hunterdad

    Hunterdad Well-Known Member

    Nordic is good stuff. Had one on my Stoeger defense that I just sold today. I plan on picking up a CZ 712 Utility and it will only wear a Nordic extension.

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