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Which is the best CZ pistol in SD, HD and Target categories?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by el Godfather, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. el Godfather

    el Godfather New Member

    Dear THR:
    Which CZ pistol would you choose for:

    1. Self Defense
    2. Home Defense
    3. Range / Targets / Competition

    My picks are

    1. CZ 75 compact shadow line
    2. CZ 75 Auto
    3. Czechmate

    Thank you
  2. billybob44

    billybob44 Member

    Best for ME...

    I like my CZ PO-1 for SD + HD best.

    My CZ-75B Stainless for carry when I can cover with coat/jacket. Also GREAT range pistol.
  3. leadcounsel

    leadcounsel member

    If I were picking CZ, I would pick a CZ Phantom for home defense. That gun is nearly perfect.

    Fits my hand perfectly, and I have size large hands. Extremely ergonomic. I think the mags are 18+1.

    Just a real joy to shoot.

    For carry, I'd get the CZ P01. Another excellent pistol.

    CZs, in my experience, after owning and shooting many, are wonderfully accurate and reliable.

    CZs are one of my top favorite pistol lines.

    With CZs, you have to decide whether you prefer the decocker or safety models.

    The standard CZ75 models come with a 1911 style safety. The P01 series comes with the decocker.

    You could get the P07 series, and the ability to change from decocker to safety... but frankly from a CZ fans standpoint, this swap out part feels cheap.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2013
  4. barnbwt

    barnbwt Active Member

    CZ52 for all three (cuz that's the only CZ I have :D)

  5. Otto

    Otto New Member

    A Checkmate? Way too pricey, might as well get a Les Baer
    Please realize that most factory CZ's have crappy triggers. A decent trigger is a must for accuracy. Figure spending an extra $200 to improve the pull.
    I have a CZ 75 SHADOW T. It's basically defective because the dust cover drags on the slide. CZ Custom refused to make it right...so I'm done with them.
    Also have a 75B stainless. As mentioned the trigger sucked and it was re-done. Accuracy is sub-par because the barrel lacks a bushing and there's excessive movement at the end of the muzzle. I'm talking to a gunsmith to install a bushing. CZ Custom has started to offer bushings but they look hideous.
    I've also bought a CZ 97 in 45acp. The quality control was crappy with barrel movement at the hood and muzzle but fortunately Buds Guns took the gun back.

    If you do decide on a CZ, get a SAO (single action only) for a better trigger.
  6. BowerR64

    BowerR64 New Member

    Ide use this becasue its the only CZ i have as well.


    I kinda like it.

    I dont know if ide carry it though, its a bit of a pig with a loaded mag.

    Last edited: Oct 15, 2013
  7. TarDevil

    TarDevil Active Member

    • 75D PCR
    • P09
    • SP01 Shadow
  8. 5-SHOTS

    5-SHOTS New Member

    For my experience is:
    1)CZ P-01;
    2)CZ P-01;
    3)CZ P-01. :p:neener:
  9. frankiestoys

    frankiestoys New Member

    I have a 75 compact while not really made for target shooting it does alright ,good carry gun though
  10. el Godfather

    el Godfather New Member

    ^ which compact?
  11. mes228

    mes228 New Member


    For carry it's quite hard to beat plastic pistols. I have quite a few handguns that are steel. However, I carry a plastic one (Glock 23 stoked with Glock 22 mags and a "collar" to fill the gap). I think the CZ 75 P07 Duty is a superb pistol and a great value. Holsters are not common but can be ordered.
  12. blahpony

    blahpony Member

    A CZ P-07 will fit in a SA XD 4" holster just fine. I have an OWB one for mine and it works great.
  13. Pilot

    Pilot Active Member

    The CZ PCR can actually fill all the roles you state, however, it is my main carry piece. Sometimes it is also my nightstand/SD pistol but my 75B or
    Browning Hi Power normally takes that role.

    For range/completion I'd go with a tuned SP-01 Shadow.
  14. Pilot

    Pilot Active Member

    Wow. Sounds like you have had really bad luck with CZ. I have a PCR, 75B, and Kadet Kit .22LR conversion unit that I use on both. All have been flawless, and accurate with excellent out of the box triggers. They did get better with use.

    I don't think the CZ design needs a barrel bushing. If it did then that could be said for almost any semi auto that doesn't have a barrel bushing. A Beretta 92 series may be one that could use a bushing, but that would be for serious target work.

    My shooting buddy as an SP-01 Shadow that is totally stock, and very easy to shoot accurately. It is almost boringly accurate.
  15. ForumSurfer

    ForumSurfer New Member

    What he said. I can only comment on that and the PCR. My p-01 trigger feels so much better than my PCR that I previously owned. I understand there aren't many differences between the two, so my PCR must have been a lemon.

  16. mnhntr

    mnhntr New Member

    CZ 97 BD for all 3 categories
  17. Walt Sherrill

    Walt Sherrill New Member

    Great gun, but kind of BIG and HEAVY for concealed carry for some people/body types. Otherwise great for HD. SD, and range/traget use.
  18. jjones45

    jjones45 New Member

    1. cz p07 duty
    2. cz p97
    3. cz sp01

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  19. jjones45

    jjones45 New Member

    sorry about that, there is no p97, I meant 97 bd

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  20. Otto

    Otto New Member

    No, my Sigs don't have anywhere near the barrel slop as the CZ's do and I own 8 Sig pistols. Fact is, if there is any barrel wiggle at the muzzle, accuracy is compromised.
    CZ Custom in AZ is beginning to address this issue. But their bushings looks like crap.


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