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Which Marlin to get... The Ultimate Question...

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by chad1043, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. chad1043

    chad1043 New Member

    So I started out thinkin I would get the 336SS (30/30)... Then I found and read up on the 1895GS (45-70).... Then I went to the 336C (35 Rem)... Then back to the 336SS (30-30)... Now I'm reading about the 1894SS (44 Mag).. Oh my gosh... Which to get...

    I would be using it for deer maily, but I would also like to start hunting other game (bobcats, coyotes, bear, elk, moose... Big Horn Sheep).... I live in Michigan, so I would like to stick to the Stainless Steel...

    I think we have all had this question... Which one should I get?

  2. MechAg94

    MechAg94 New Member

    Look at the 1895CB in 45/70 with the 9 shot tube. :)

    (missed the SS comment)
  3. Schleprok62

    Schleprok62 New Member

    When I'm in this bind, I just get all of them and then I don't have to wonder if I got the right one... :neener:
  4. Working Man

    Working Man New Member

    I second that.... just can't afford to. :(

    I would have to say go for the .45-70 but then again I'm partial and on my
    own quest for one.

    With the wide variety of loads available and reloading more than tripling
    that, you can have a rnd for every occasion.
  5. yorick

    yorick member

    I'm partial to the 45-70CB myself :)

    (note - not my rifle - lifted from the Marlin website)

    (but if you just want a low cost lever gun in 44 mag I've got a safe queen Winchester model 94 for sale.....:D:D)

    (note - not my rifle - image lifted from the Winchester site)
  6. treeprof

    treeprof New Member

    None of them are great sheep cartridges. You'd really be better off with a much flatter-shooting cartridge (.270, ,280, .30-06, .308, 7mm, etc.), even with the new Horndady lever ammo now available. Once you have the $$$ to hunt sheep, you'll have the $ for a better-suited rifle anyway.

    For big bear or elk, .45-70. Dear and small/medium black bear could be handled with either .30-30 or .44 or .35 Rem; elk, too, at moderate range. The .44 will be the cheapest to shoot, the .45-70 the most expensive. Neither .30-30 or .35 Rem are esp cheap to shoot, but not bad to reload.

    I have the 1894SS and 336M (the 1st year designaton for the now-336SS). Both are fine guns.
  7. chad1043

    chad1043 New Member

    BTW... I was kinda kidding about the Big Horn Sheep...
  8. Deer Hunter

    Deer Hunter New Member

    I'd stick with the 30-30. Then again, I don't hunt anything that requires anything more than that.
  9. AH-1

    AH-1 Member In Memoriam

    go with the 45/70 and handload.they can be loaded from mild to wild:) .I have used mine to shoot coyotes with 405's.dead real quick.
  10. dhondo2000

    dhondo2000 New Member

    :D Marlin 1895ss 45-70, love it

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  11. 45-70

    35 Rem or 45-70,Either are a good choice.:D
  12. Deer Hunter

    Deer Hunter New Member

    I'd take the 30-30 over the 45-70. Then again, I don't reload. But even if I did, nothing in East Texas can stand up against the time-tested 30-30.
  13. neo-con

    neo-con New Member

    I just sold a Marlin 35 Remington

    It's a good round. I shot two dear with it, and they were down with 15-20 yards. The downsides from my point of view is if your not a handloader there is a limited number of loads for it. If I was to buy another lever gun it would be the 45-70. Don't let anyone tell you it kicks too hard with. I've shot one with Remington Ecpress ammo and it was nothing to write home about. That big flat bullet will put'em down and won't tear up the meat.
    All that said. I sold my lever to buy a Remington 700 ADL 30/06.
  14. rangerruck

    rangerruck New Member

    id go 1894, or 3030, with the new leverrevolution rounds.
  15. AH-1

    AH-1 Member In Memoriam

    the 30-30 is a good round and I did take my buc this year opening day with one.they are limited on power if you have plans later on say for elk size game.
    if you are a "handloader" the 45/70 just is a better way to go.you can load cast bullets for deer say about 1400 fps and it is like hitting them with a brick they go straight down ditto for hogs.later say if you have the chance for elk,moose ect you can load up some 405/425 and your set.if I was going to be limited to just one lever action rifle it would be the 45/70.from deer to hunting africa they get the job done.

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