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Which modular gun safe, McGunn or Zanotti Armor?

Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by shooterx10, Oct 17, 2003.

  1. shooterx10

    shooterx10 New Member

    May 8, 2003
    Which modular take-down safe is better, Zanotti Armor (http://www.zanottiarmorsafes.com) or Gunn Gard (http://www.gunngard.com)?

    Did I miss any other modular gun safe manufacturers?

    The only downside to these take down safes is that they do not have fire insulating material on the inside.
  2. Monkeyleg

    Monkeyleg Mentor

    Dec 25, 2002
    Decatur, AL
    I haven't seen the McGunn, but I've looked at a Zanotti. It appears to be very well-made, and the price is reasonable.

    If you want to fire-line it, you can buy the board and do it yourself without too much hassle.
  3. Bogger

    Bogger New Member

    Jan 18, 2003
    shooterx10: I have had a Zanotti for over 5 years and am very happy with it. I don't know anything about the McGunn. I have moved the safe twice with little problem and no sloppiness in the attachment areas. I would suggest you look at the safes yourself and make the decision, but I would recommend the Zanotti to anyone. When I bought mine there was an option for fire retardent materials. I chose to pass on it when I was told it was basically wallboard and could cause more problems by retaining moisture.

    I am surprised that the breakdown safes are in the same cost area as the standard gun safes.

  4. CleverNickname

    CleverNickname Participating Member

    Dec 25, 2002
    I've had a Zanotti for about a year and a half. Quite satisfied with it so far. However I have yet to break it down for moving. I'm moving next week, so I'm crossing my fingers hoping it's fairly easy.
  5. CB900F

    CB900F Senior Member

    Feb 22, 2003

    "The only downside to these take down safes is that they do not have fire insulating material on the inside."

    I sell safes for a living. I suggest that you do some research if you truly believe the above statement. Two points; 1. a modular cannot, by definition, be a safe. 2. Gypsum wall board is about as effective a fire insulator as prayer is an effective method of birth control.

    As a start to your research, go to www.brownsafe.com. Go to their FAQ's & at the bottom see 'Please see our page on safe ratings'. Click that.
    A 'B' rate is the minimum that passes the U.L. rating for a true safe.

    If you wish to sacrifice security for convienience, by all means do so. But at least do it with your eyes wide open.

  6. GunFixer

    GunFixer New Member

    Apr 25, 2006
    Zanotti Armor Modular Gun Safes

    I have seen both safes and the Zanotti is a much superior product. Heavier, better built and better looking.

    Basically from what I have seen in the fire protection department; it is something like drywall. They put drywall inside the safe and that will give you an additional 20 minutes in a fire. Most safes are rated for around a 1200 degree temperature for between 30 and 40 minutes. From what I have been told, that during a fire the "drywall" will release moisture and cool the environment in the safe. This also contributes to the rusting of the guns unless you have something like a Golden Rod or other dehumidification device.

    Think about this... If your safe is in the basement (regardless of safe brand) and your house is on fire for 40 minutes, is there going to be anything left of the house? What about all the water the fire department pumps into the house to put the fire out. where does that go? Yep, in the basement. Most safes are not "waterproof". Ok so your house is on fire for 40 minutes and you safe is on the upper level. It is probably going to crash into the basement due to the floor giving way.

    Either way your guns aren't going to be unscathed. That is why we have insurance. Unless of course you have un-replaceable pieces. My primary reason for having a safe is to keep the "smash and grabs" at bay.

    I have had 2 Zanotti Armor Safes for about 6 years. They are awesome. I wouldn't have a one piece safe. I have one that I put together in a closet and one that I put together in a basement room that is too big to get out the door. If you are looking for a modular gun safe I would definately check out Zanotti Armor. http://www.zanottiarmor.com
  7. gunut

    gunut Member

    Jan 28, 2005
    I have a Zanotti zaII.......I like it..!
  8. bender

    bender Active Member

    Aug 10, 2006
    I never heard of any of some of these members... except CB900F and monkeyleg.

    No wonder... 4 year old thread !

    I've been interested in the zanotti, never heard of the other one.

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