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Who has a bible verse in their signature??

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Black92LX, Jul 13, 2003.

  1. Black92LX

    Black92LX Well-Known Member

    someone had a verse talking about a fully armed man and his family being safe. or something along that lines.

    just curious to the verse and where it is from specifically.

  2. TonyB

    TonyB Well-Known Member

    Mine's not really gun related,but I thought it sounded cool.Heard it one sunday and remembered it.:cool:
  3. Matt G

    Matt G Moderator Emeritus

    Mine is a reference to a concept brought forth in a bible verse that can apply to one and all, without regard to their beliefs.
  4. 41 Redhawk

    41 Redhawk Well-Known Member

    When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own house, his possessions are safe. LUKE 11:21 NIV

    User kiklee is using that as a signiture
  5. Black92LX

    Black92LX Well-Known Member

    thanks alot, that was it.
  6. BerettaNut92

    BerettaNut92 Well-Known Member

  7. Nero Steptoe

    Nero Steptoe member

    Nero 1:1, "It was the Christians, you idiots, not Rome, you were supposed to burn!"
  8. Johnny Guest

    Johnny Guest Moderator Emeritus

    Not in my sig line,

    but I've always liked,
    by the word of truth, and the power of God, with the weapons of righteousness on the right hand and on the left.

    II Corinthians, 6:7.

  9. Johnny Guest

    Johnny Guest Moderator Emeritus

    Matt G - - -

    Glad you 'splained that one. I'd always just figured it came from Ol' Will's Henry V:

    "Once more into the breech, dear friends, and plug the gap with our English dead!"

    I've heard it used as the theme for the eulogy of a departed peace officer, too . . . .


  10. Schuey2002

    Schuey2002 Well-Known Member

    That sorta' sounds like Ezekiel 22:30.. ;)

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