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who has the cheapest 9mm practice ammo?

Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by cajun47, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. cajun47

    cajun47 member

  2. Nowhere Man

    Nowhere Man Well-Known Member

    Last I saw Wally World was around $15/100 rounds of WWB.

  3. johnson_n

    johnson_n Well-Known Member

  4. chupacabrah

    chupacabrah Well-Known Member

    wolf @ ammoman is like $169 shipped for 1000 rounds.

    WWB is almost $19 at my walmart :-(

    http://www.mastercast.net/amo.htm is a pretty good deal if you send them your old brass, but would probably have to get at least 1000 rounds.

    I think there's another thread on this, from just a couple of days ago
  5. ccd

    ccd Well-Known Member

    Uncle Sam.. just sign away a few years of your life. ;)
  6. 1SOW

    1SOW Well-Known Member

    Last week Academy (here) had Monarch brass 115 FMJ for $7.7X./50. I bought 7 boxes, all they had left.
    Wal-mart here went up two weeks ago to $18.XX for WC Value Pk/100.
  7. ZombiesAhead

    ZombiesAhead Well-Known Member

    Walmart Winchester White Box Brass is sadly no longer the deal it was. It jumped from $12/100 to $19/100. I'm going to stick with WWB Brass for .38 special as I don't shoot very much of it but I'm not sure what to do about 9mm as I shoot it in a Keltec Carbine, a CZ-75 pistol and a Glock pistol.

    I like to keep a lot of practice ammunition on hand both because I shoot a lot and I like to keep a healthy reserve of ammunition that is both relatively reliable and cheap enough to keep a lot of on hand.

    Is aluminum-cased ammunition OK for use in these carbines/pistols? I may switch over to CCI Blazer Aluminum.
  8. evan price

    evan price Well-Known Member

    I reload 9mm for $3.40 per box. Start reloading.
  9. chupacabrah

    chupacabrah Well-Known Member

    -should be fine.

    evan price:
    Is that price per box using your existing supply of primers, powder, and bullets, or using the raised prices for those things as they are now?

    Just wanting to have an accurate figure. I was trying to figure it out the other day if i want to get into reloading...and it didnt really much seem too worth it (or marginally so).

    also, do you use cast lead or FMJ?

    I would love to get into reloading, i just really don't know where to start, or what to even buy. :confused:
  10. SeanSw

    SeanSw Well-Known Member

    I just purchased a case of wolf 9mm for $169 shipped at ammoman.com.

    I too am on the verge of reloading and have resolved to never purchase .38 special again. Not when 130gr FMJ target loads are $30/100. I've been saving my brass and will purchase the necessary reloading equipment when my current stock runs out.
  11. skinewmexico

    skinewmexico Well-Known Member

    I miss the days of Blazer aluminum at Academy for $3.86. If only I had known........
  12. tblt

    tblt member

  13. tblt

    tblt member

    my walmart is 18.42 for 100 rounds of winchester FMJ 9 mm and 38's have gone up to 29.?? for a box of 100 WWB.
  14. evan price

    evan price Well-Known Member


    That price is based on supplies I bought in January 2008 and are still available at these prices. I keep a spreadsheet that I refresh every couple weeks to be sure. You may not be able to buy bulk like me- depends on how much you shoot- Even if you wind up with a total cost of eight cents per round that's only $8/hundred.

    9mm Luger
    125-gr RN, 4.4gr powder 1590/lb
    Projo: 4.0¢ Primer: 2.0¢ Powder: 0.80¢
    Total Cost per round: 6.8¢
    Total Cost per box/50: $3.40

    9mm 125gr RN hard-cast lead projos: 3000/$120 shipped
    (private caster price, however, www.keadbullets.com has 3000/$128 shipped)

    Wolf SP Primers: $100/5K shipped (Powder Valley group buy, PV price $90)

    Titegroup Powder: $100/8# shipped (Powder Valley group buy, PV price $96) Cost/grain = 0.18¢


    Brass: Free, range pickup
  15. Elvishead

    Elvishead Well-Known Member

    I was buying Fiocchi's for $8.80 box/50x20 115g FMJ to my door about three months ago. Now it's about $14.
  16. chupacabrah

    chupacabrah Well-Known Member

    thanks for the numbers, evan.

    I'll have to start looking into reloading equipment :)
  17. DirksterG30

    DirksterG30 Well-Known Member

    Your CZ may not like the Blazer Aluminum; I've read more than a few posts of CZ owners who have issues with Blazer Aluminum in their guns, and I have had FTEs with it in my P-01.
  18. slzy

    slzy Well-Known Member

    aluminum may be ok fer practice,but i would only carry brass.
  19. P. Plainsman

    P. Plainsman Well-Known Member

    Not a great choice for the CZ.

    My CZs hate Blazer aluminum, and I'm not the only one. They run great with brass cased ammo.

    CORRECTED: Shouldn't be a problem with the Glock; I've banged a bunch of Blazer through a Glock 19 w/o issues.
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2008
  20. moewadle

    moewadle Well-Known Member

    National Bullet Company

    Go to their web site. So far I have bought 1000 rounds of 38 special from them. Good company.

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