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who made Sears .22 rifles?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Halo, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. Halo

    Halo New Member

    The first gun I ever got was an old Sears .22 semi-auto with a tube magazine. My Dad bought it for me when I was about 12 or 13. Who actually made the rifles for Sears, or did they use different manufacturers?

    What a different time it must have been, for a department store like Sears to have its own line of firearms.
  2. Mal H

    Mal H Administrator

    Many different manufacturers made rifles and shotguns for Sears. Since your rifle was a tube mag semiauto, I'd wager it was made by Marlin patterned after their Model 60 (same as their Glenfield brand). If you have a Sears model number, I can look it up specifically.

    The list I'm using is the Store Brand Cross-over List from the Blue Book.
  3. DEAC25

    DEAC25 New Member

    I have an old Sears 22, also a tube feeder. It is, as I understand it, a Winchester rifle stamped with a Sears logo. It looks exactly like the winchester, as I looked at a Winchester at a Pawn shop the other day. I also saw the exact same gun stamped with another hardware store name, I think it was Western Auto, priced at $69.00.

    I love that old gun, it still shoots very well, and I didn't have to clean it all that much, simply a great gun to bang around with.

  4. The Lone Haranguer

    The Lone Haranguer New Member

    Yes indeed. :) I remember seeing all sorts of rifles and shotguns ("Ted Williams" was another of their "house brands) in the catalogs and stores up to about 35 years ago. Monkey Wards (the now-defunct Montgomery Ward) held on a little longer; I purchased a handgun from them c. 1983 or '84.
  5. BigG

    BigG New Member

    I have an older one that I think is High Standard, mfred for Sears.
  6. kBob

    kBob Active Member

    J.M.Feilds used to sell guns, My Ruger RST4 (No it isn not an MARK I as that was only the name of the match models of that series with adjustable rear sight) came from JMF in the late 1960s.

    I do believe that Winchester made a tube feeder on their .22LR semi auto of the time for use as a Ted Williams marked Sears gun at one point and that the same gun with a cheaper finish and wood was made for Western Auto under the Revelation brand.

    -Bob Hollingsworth

    351 WINCHESTER New Member

    I used to work for Monkey Wards when I was 16. We had all kinds of guns. We even had some colt 1911's in .38 super. Go figure.
  8. GRIZ22

    GRIZ22 Active Member

    There is a list on e-gunparts showing the store model number and who actually made it.
  9. Texas Moon

    Texas Moon Member

    Savage/Stevens/Springfield made a bunch of guns for Sears.

    Gun Parts Corp catalog has a cross reference section that can help you I.D. your piece.
  10. Halo

    Halo New Member

    Cool, thanks for all the responses. I'll cross reference it when I get home. I'm pretty sure it's not a Marlin, because I have a Marlin Model 60 and it looks nothing like that.
  11. Nugilum

    Nugilum New Member

    Here's the Numrich web page for cross referencing Sears rifles.
    Your model number will be a series of numbers separated by dots.

    An example would be my 16 gauge bolt action shotgun I got from my grandfather. The Sears "J.C. Higgins" model #583.1 is actually a High Standard Model 10.


    Let us know what it is please!
  12. Ghost Tracker

    Ghost Tracker New Member

    You guys mean Ted Williams didn't REALLY make my baseball glove?!? Next you'll be telling me my Sears "Jeepers" basketball hi-tops...weren't made by Jeep! :what:
  13. Sistema1927

    Sistema1927 Active Member

    It was absolutely wonderful to walk around a Sears, or a Montgomery Wards, or a Western Auto, or just about any hardware store, and see racks and racks of guns.

    You could pull money out of your pocket, plop it down on the counter, and then walk out with your gun, and ammo, without showing ID, proving age, filling out any forms, asking permission, etc. I did just this, at age 12.

    1968 was a very, very bad year.
  14. Furncliff

    Furncliff New Member

    Halo your rifle could have been made by Hi Standard,(is it a model 31?) they were also making shotguns for Sears I believe. I have a J.C. Higgins (the Sears brand name) made by Marlin. Given to me by my mother in 1960.
  15. CajunBass

    CajunBass Active Member

    I've never owned a Sears 22, but both of my shotguns are Sears branded. One was made by Winchester, the other by Mossberg. My first gun, a 20 ga Ithaca "Super-single" came from Sears, as did my second one, a "Sears" stamped Stevens 311 double 12. I later bought a very nice Sears branded 20 ga double made by AYA in Spain, and a Winchester Model 70, 30/06. I sprung the extra money to get a genuine Model 70 because the stock was a lot nicer than the "Ted Williams" one.
  16. Halo

    Halo New Member

    My rifle is a Sears 3T, Model 273.2390. According to the e-gunparts.com cross reference, it's a Winchester 190-290.

    It's a fun little rifle, and pretty accurate too. I remember one Christmas we used it to shoot mistletoe out of a tree. I wonder how old it is.

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