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Who made Semi-Auto with PB on the grip?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Sam Norton, Jun 19, 2004.

  1. Sam Norton

    Sam Norton Member

    Perhaps someone can help me.

    I have a friend who's dad gave him a 380 pistol just before he died. His dad bought it just after World War II, because he carried large sums of money at the time. Interestingly he never once fired the gun.

    It has Pb on the grip and a Ser. No., No other markings on the gun.
    Looking at it, is a little smaller than a Markovrov. Any info on who made it would be appreciated.

    Best Regards,
  2. Jim Watson

    Jim Watson Well-Known Member

    Uh, Pietro Beretta, maybe?
    Could be a late war 1934 Beretta with no markings other than serial no.
  3. Devonai

    Devonai Well-Known Member

    Does it look like this?
  4. BHPshooter

    BHPshooter Well-Known Member

    I'm with these guys -- PB has to be Pietro Beretta.

  5. Marshall

    Marshall Well-Known Member

    Paul Bunyan Is it really big? :evil:
  6. Josey

    Josey member

    Did anybody else look at that POJ 1934? $195.00?
  7. Hkmp5sd

    Hkmp5sd Well-Known Member

    Being in the electrical field, when reading the title, I was wondering why a handgun would have a "pushbutton" on the grip? :)
  8. Devonai

    Devonai Well-Known Member

    Yeah, Josey, I noticed that after I posted the link.

    "This is technically still a firearm according to the BATFE, but repairs to make it fire will cost four times as much as this! Whatta deal!"
  9. ID_shooting

    ID_shooting Well-Known Member

    I agree, it is a Beretta.

    ICK, My first thought at looking at the pic was "HE WANTS HOW MUCH :what: "

    I would give him $25.00
  10. Sam Norton

    Sam Norton Member

    Thanks guys, That's it, only much much nicer shape

    Best Regards,
  11. Josey

    Josey member

    $180.00 to purchase, $15.00 shipping, $25.00 FFL transfer, $300-450.00 in parts/gunsmith. One dumb buyer-PRICELESS!

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