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who needs a C and R liscense when Pawnshops are evil, oops did it again :)

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by jeremywills, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. jeremywills

    jeremywills Well-Known Member

    Its official, I have been bitten by the gun bug.

    I went to another range today, the bullet hole which is about a 45 min drive for me, change of pace, I wanted to play with my new SKS, these folks have a full auto area that I knew I could play with the SKS as fast as my finger would allow, I get up early this morning, head over there, its 9 AM. They dont open up until 10, curses. I have an hour to kill so I head back towards town thinking Ill hit up WalMart or something, maybe Ill find some breakfast, I see this pawnshop. Ok, I can beat on a guitar or 2 for an hour, maybe just maybe browse thier gun racks, this probably being more what I was thinking although I dont want to admit it :D

    What do I see way in the back corner but 2 Mosins. Carbines too, damn LOL :) just up my alley. I see one without the fixed bayo, oh no I told myself, and alot of other things I wont repeat here, its an m38. I ask the guy to see the m38 and he says like an jack#$% um I dont have any m38s. I look at him, he smiles and says, I have an 1891/59 though very similar hahaha very funny I said :) Lets see it. I was tickled pink :)

    She started out life as an 1942 91/30. Im sure she gave the red army good service through out the war. The soviets chopped her down in 59 and cleaned up the rough tooling marks and now shes quite nice. The 1942 and hammer and sickle are still visible from the polishing, all the new numbers match, just the bolt has been electropenciled and forced, nothing that would stop me though. The 91/30 original sight leaf has been scrubbed of the largest meters, now now 1 to 10 remain, they were pretty confident you could hit that far with a 91/30 anyways. Not very realistic if you ask me :(

    The bore is wonderful, its better looking than my m44, this is what really sold me on this one. The crown is perfect. The stocks a bit beat, but I like that. Theres no silly bayo to have to contend with, just point and shoot. Sadly the trigger leaves some to be desired :) That will be worked on. This will be a great project for me. I might refinish the stock, maybe entertain the idea of that scout mounted pistol scope. This ones a shooter though. I should have been smart and had the gunsmith give it the once over, but in really looking at alot of these guns, I had a good feeling I was ok to go straight to the range where I was heading anyhow and just fire away, my m44 and the SKS were with me and I had plenty of ammo with me, its almost like this one was meant to be.

    Heres what I did at 50 yards. Very windy day, not a good day to be shooting but hell, sometimes you dont get that luxury. My only gripe with bullet hole is thier targets are hung on plastic backers between 2 poles with 2 lines of parachute cord, the wind kept knocking the targets around, and a few times off, so Im confident on a ideal day at my typical range this ones gonna really be a shooter :)

    Im sorry, Im rambling but this has been a good day

    The Ruskie carbine family is growing :) multiplying, taking over, like Im complaining HAHA


    Ill say it again, who needs C and R licenses for mail order with evil pawnshops in town full of milsurps :)

    Thanks for the read guys. Im done now

    PS, Im leaving links to pics now as Im not sure how to resize the pics and I dont want folks having to scroll left to right on smallish monitors :)
  2. TexasRifleman

    TexasRifleman Moderator Emeritus

    No, sorry. You're not done yet....

    You REALLY need a K31 Swiss, they are just fantastic!!! :evil:

    Oh, you're welcome hah hah...

    Very nice by the way.... congrats!!
  3. jeremywills

    jeremywills Well-Known Member


    i wanted an m38 so badly, I never figured I would find the 91/59, I love the carbines, but the m44 bayo was starting to be a pain in the ass honestly, Ill curtail the m38 for now, this will do nicely :)

    k31 swiss you say, I guess Ill have to take a gander at one then someday :)
  4. kfranz

    kfranz Well-Known Member

    Well, nobody NEEDS and C&R if they are doing onsies, but it's right handy when buying multiples... :)

    BTW, my last bound book entry date lists 5 91/59's. And an M38(correct stock even). And a K98.....;)
  5. armoredman

    armoredman Well-Known Member

    Ah, tovarisch, do you have a 91/30 yet? Or any Ak variant? An SVT40 would look wonderful next to those....
  6. Ad Astra

    Ad Astra Well-Known Member

    I never understood why somebody would want such a crude rifle as a Mosin-Nagant.

    The C&R bug bit. Got a M38 just to see what they were about. For $79? After headspacing it, having removed the extractor, I started thinking there was something to the simplicity... and utility... and size... and cheapness- why, drop it overboard, and who cares? Cost less than my gas...

    Then came the Finn M39. OMG, the beauty. A Sneak, from AIM, even better.
    Ahhh, the Finns knew. They saw what I can now see.

    I missed the UPS guy today. He'll be back Monday... with another Mosin Nagant.

    Enjoy the sucker. Watch out; it'll invite its relatives from Russia over.

    Oh, yeah. My M38? Made in 1941, re-barrelled in 1942. Arsenal rework marks, M44 stock, and counter-bored.

    Translated: it saw history unfold, and more than likely, had the hated invader of the motherland in its sights more than once....

    Ad Astra
  7. jeremywills

    jeremywills Well-Known Member


    this ones a keeper, I have seen several finn ones, thats on the agenda too at some point, if I had my own place where I could have several safes then yes, a C and R could be very useful, I live in a small apartment so Im actually kinda at my limit right now, not much space to begin with

    Theres always the future, down the road Ill get some more when the variables are in my favor.
  8. iamkris

    iamkris Well-Known Member

    Yup, mil-surps have quite an appeal...

    C&Rs to-date --

    M1 Garand
    1873 Trapdoor
    Swiss K31
    Russian-capture German K98
    MN 91/30
    MN M44
    Yugo SKS
    Finn M39
    Swede M38
  9. jeremywills

    jeremywills Well-Known Member

    Hit up the Saxet gunshow in SA today. Saw alot of crap I shouldn't have :)

    I found a cool .22 1955 Polish Mosin Trainer. Its awesome, something you dont see very often. Had I not spent so much already so recently, I might have taken this instead :D

    Good thing I dont have a C and R because I might get the urge to make a phone call or two somewhere :) looking for one.

    Anyhow, yea Im just buying one at a time.

    Good luck with everyone finding what they want.
  10. Firehand

    Firehand Well-Known Member

    Get a chance, go over to saysuncle.com and scroll down to his 'AK vs. AR with some M/N thrown in' chart. You'll love it.
  11. jeremywills

    jeremywills Well-Known Member

    been there and already seen it, but thank you for the suggestion

    cheers sir
  12. MatthewVanitas

    MatthewVanitas Well-Known Member

    Did you manage to convince your buddy to buy the Polish trainer?

    It's far cheaper than buying guns yourself: get your buddy to buy it, then go shooting with him. If you play your cards right, you can buy it off him for half the price the next time he's short on beer money.

  13. Limeyfellow

    Limeyfellow Well-Known Member

    Every pawnshop around here in North Carolina roughly charges at 50%-100% higher prices than I can get with a C&R license. They do like to make their profit.
  14. jeremywills

    jeremywills Well-Known Member

    Nope MV, didnt buy it, tempting but nope, its not the only one out there, im sure there will be another in gunshow land :) He just couldn't justify spending the bucks on it.

    It might even be there at the next show. You never know. Ill keep my eye out for one.
  15. Moonclip

    Moonclip Well-Known Member

    Most every 91/59 I have seen is in niuce shape. I'm just surprised the pawn shop knew the difference between a 91/59 and a M38.
  16. jeremywills

    jeremywills Well-Known Member

    Well, its marked on top 1891/59, the 1942 is very faint as is the hammer and sickle, but they are there :) and its not difficult to look stuff up on the web. :) these guys seemed very versed in guns. The guy says they get mosins quite often, so they have knowledge of them :) and they do have a lot of guns. Old and new. He said they do a lot of gun buisness. I liked these guys, very nice. They had some other Milsurp C and R things. Ill definately pop in there anytime I have to be in that area of town again.

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