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Why a Glock 22 over a Glock 17?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by GunLvrNLearner, Sep 10, 2008.

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  1. GunLvrNLearner

    GunLvrNLearner Well-Known Member

    A lot of law enforcement at least in my area issue the Glock 22,my question why ever a 40 caliber over a 9mm...my understanding 9mm is more accurate and with 9 you usually in standard magazines have 2 extra rounds,the ammo is a little cheaper,and isn't 9mm +P ammo almost on par with 40...i think it must be a mindset because i just cant grasp why 40 over 9mm for all the reasons i stated,i can understand reasoning for 45 over 9 but not 40

    What are your thoughts?

    FMJMIKE Well-Known Member

    I personally hate the muzzle flip of a 40 S&W. I think the "Bigger is Better" syndrome has something to do with the choice of the 40 S&W round over the 9mm.
  3. 357wheelgunner

    357wheelgunner Well-Known Member

    Practice makes perfect.

    9mm is cheaper, more practice for less money. 9mm wins.
  4. RyanM

    RyanM Well-Known Member

    .40 is quite a lot bette than 9mm +P. Energy isn't the only thing involved. .40 is wider, and allows you to use a heavier bullet.
  5. chriso

    chriso Well-Known Member

    yeah yeah whatever. Glock 17 any day over the Glock 22 the only reason id get a glock 22 is to just simply have one and id probably put a 9mm barrel in that!!!
    40 SW is a nasty little round to snappy for me id rather shoot a 45 than a 40 any days, That being said id rather shoot a 9mm than both of them!!!
  6. ugaarguy

    ugaarguy Moderator Staff Member

    1986 FBI Miami shootout, FBI switched to 10mm in the aftermath, 10mm proved too hot for most agents to handle, switched to downloaded 10mm, S&W developed 40 S&W to take advantage of smaller frame guns since full 10mm case capacity was no longer needed with the downloaded rounds. Glock beat S&W to market with 40 S&W chambered guns. FBI adopted Glock 22 & 23. Glock offered State & Local LE prices on new pistols and trade crdits on old ones they'd have to be crazy to walk away from. State guys went with 40 S&W like FBI did, local guys went with 40 S&W like their state guys did. Guns worked great, officers got used to shooting .40 S&W, and the Glock 22/23/27 became as entrenched as LE sidearms as the S&W K Frames in .38 Spl. & .357 Mag. did before them.

    Excuse the horrible grammar and punctuation in the quick run down above.
  7. wideym

    wideym Well-Known Member

    I like the G22, the .40cal round is great, but I also have a Lone Wolf 9mm conversion barrel. Since you can't use a .40cal conversion barrel in a 9mm frame, I'll go for the .40 with a 9mm conversion barrel. Having conversion barrels gives me options of caliber without the expence of buying another pistol.
  8. Armueller2001

    Armueller2001 Well-Known Member

    Cheaper rounds = more practice time, more stockpiled rounds
    Less muzzle flip = quicker follow-up shots

    I'd rather have 4 - .354 caliber holes than 2 - .40 caliber holes any day.

    Also, higher capacity magazines and the fact that 9mm is a NATO round...
  9. j1979

    j1979 Well-Known Member

    I have both a 9mm and a .40. I enjoy shooting both. I dont think the muzzle flip is all that much with the .40, I dont really get what all the bashing is about all of the time, thats just me though.
  10. The Lone Haranguer

    The Lone Haranguer Well-Known Member

    Police sometimes have need to shoot through intervening barriers, at longer ranges or at oblique angles (or any or all of those), where the slight edge of the heavier load can be an advantage. For the rest of us armed citizens, the attacker is likely to be close and facing you squarely. I think the 9mm (with a good JHP bullet) is adequate for such scenarios.

    Agreed. Also, I personally dislike shooting the .40 - especially in little guns - due to its "snap" recoil. I actually like the .45 Auto's "push/roll" recoil better.
  11. glockman19

    glockman19 Well-Known Member

    WOW!!! took the words right out of my mouth.
  12. Ben86

    Ben86 Well-Known Member

    Find out if you like the 9mm or the .40 more. Both are effective calibers.

    I like the 9mm over the .40 because to me the .40 offers little advantage over the 9mm and I find the .40 to be very snappy. I shoot 9mm better. Oh and 9mm is a lot cheaper. .40 is about tied with .45 on cost these days.

    But I don't understand why people list the 9mm being a nato round as a plus. What is the advantage to that? Most of them are just a bunch of Euro-socialist bags of hot air. Why would I care what pistol round they want to use?
  13. DWARREN123

    DWARREN123 Well-Known Member

    I like the 40 S&W round. I do not find the recoil to be too much. Faster than a 45 ACP and bigger than a 9mm.:D
  14. mb419

    mb419 Well-Known Member

    Go for the 22. If you need to, you can always add a 9mm conversion barrel to shoot that caliber. You can also throw on a .357 Sig barrel and get still another caliber. I don't understand this issue with muzzle flip that other posters are having though. If a .40 is too much, maybe they should just stick with a .22.
  15. CountGlockula

    CountGlockula Well-Known Member

    I'm VERY accurate with a .40S&W Glock and having trained on it, the G17 seems like a .22.

    Anyways, most cops want to put down the bad guy with a .40S&W hole rather than a 9mm hole.
  16. greyling22

    greyling22 Well-Known Member

    I'd get a 22 from cdnn for cheap, then use the leftover cash to get a 9mm barrel and/or a 357 sig barrel. 3 guns in 1. and then prolly only use the 9mm barrel.
  17. easyg

    easyg Well-Known Member

    It's like this....

    For many years the .45ACP was practically "the standard" as an effective self-defense autoloader caliber.
    The big heavy .45 slug has a very good (and well deserved) reputation for putting humans down rather quickly and with minimum hits.
    The only problem was MAGAZINE CAPACITY.
    To increase the magazine capacity you had to make the gun bigger....bigger than most folks could comfortably handle.
    On the other hand, the 9mm offered plenty of magazine capacity....but only adequate effectiveness.
    And while modern 9mm ammo has made the 9mm even more effective, it's still doesn't inspire the confidence of the .45ACP.

    Enter the .40S&W....the most perfect compromise invented thus far.
    The .40 offers the effectiveness of the .45ACP combined with the magazine capacity of most 9mm handguns, all in a handgun that's not too large for most folk's hands.

    I love the .45ACP, but I also love as many bullets in the magazine as possible.
    Unfortunately, I have medium sized hands.
    It's practically impossible to get the magazine capacity that I want, in .45 caliber, in a handgun that is comfortable for me to hold and control.
    So I chose the best compromise around....the .40S&W.

    So why not the 9mm?

    Because the .40 is bigger and heavier.
    And in the relatively short amount of time it's been around, it has developed a good street reputation as an effective self-defense caliber....better than the 9mm's reputation from most accounts that I've heard.

    There are a few advantages the 9mm has over the .40, but they're not really crucial factors in my opinion....

    The 9mm is cheaper.
    But the cost difference is not that big, and you'll have to pay for some premium 9mm ammo just to equal the performance of your average .40 ammo.

    The 9mm is slightly faster for follow-up shots.
    But the difference is not very significant for most folks.
    Not to mention that you might only get off one shot before you experience a malfunction....in my opinion it's better that one shot be a .40 or a .45 rather than a 9mm.

    The 9mm does offer a slightly higher magazine capacity.
    But only by a couple of bullets.
    It's a personal decision of course, but I prefer fifteen .40 rounds over seventeen 9mm rounds.
    After shooting the 9mm for many many years, I'm just not that confident in its ability to quickly stop a human.

    As for the recoil-snappy-muzzle-flip argument....

    Yeah, the .40 kicks alittle more, but I think that alot of folks here greatly exaggerate the recoil/muzzle-flip.
    My tiny wife, with her tiny hands, has no problem putting lead on target when shooting my Glock 22.
    Neither does my mother, and she's 69 years old.
    It's a fact that plenty of small stature cops (both male and female) qualify just fine with the .40 every year all across the nation.
    It's just not the uncontrollable beast that some folks make it out to be.
  18. subierex

    subierex Well-Known Member

    Bought a G22 not too long after they came out. Always regretted not getting the G17 instead. At the time, .40SW ammo was a lot more $$$. I've found that I like 9mm better.

    Sold the gun 8 years ago and still don't have a Glock in the collection.
  19. chriso

    chriso Well-Known Member

    Its not about being able to handle the 40. cal mb419 its just unpleasant to shoot because its "snappy" like your little comments. 9mm is much smoother and allows for better target transitions, 40.cal in lighter smaller handguns tends to have more of a snap "muzzle flip" than a solid recoil due to the high pressure of the round. For what little of advantage it offers over a 9mm id rather train more with my 9mm with my extra ammunition due to lower cost and have a better chance to land more rounds on my target with my 9mm compared to your 40. When it comes to autos for defense pistols its either 9mm or 45 for me.
  20. Loomis

    Loomis member


    NATO rounds have an attraction because you know those calibers are not going anywhere. Non military calibers fade in and out like fashion trends. Their prices are less stable, and availability fluctuates. If cops decide to start using the 10mm instead of the 40, your 40cal ammo options are going to dry up real fast. 9mm is here to stay. Also, in the case of a complete breakdown of law and order, you could conceivably raid a national guard ammo stash to replentish your supply. If you only carry 40cal pistols and 22-250 or 30-30 rifles, you are SOL.
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