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why box magazines

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by vmfrantz, Sep 18, 2004.

  1. vmfrantz

    vmfrantz Member

    Sep 5, 2004
    lebanon pa
    I'm looking for a 30-06 or 308. I'd like one with a detachable mag. mostly used for hunting, and posssibly competiton shooting. It seems that all the rifles I looked at are box style. Any suggestions where to look?
  2. Black Snowman

    Black Snowman Senior Member

    Sep 3, 2003
    Kansas City, KS
    All current production CZ 550s in .308 have a 4 round removable magazine. Available in every varient they produce but the Prestige according to the manual. In .30-06 the Standard and Lux are available with a 3 round detachable magazine but may be hard to find or require a special order.

    My CZ 550 Varmit Laminated in .308 happens to be for sale at the moment too as it's been replaced with a Browning A-Bolt Eclipse and a Steyr SSG 69. Don't really need 3 very accurate .308s and the CZ was the least expensive so I'm trying to turn it into $ for other desires :)

    Edit: Steyr ProHunter also has a removeable magazine and is availble in .30-06 and .308. I have one in .270 and it's a fine rifle at a reasonable price.
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2004
  3. nico

    nico Senior Member

    Dec 1, 2003
    Baltimore/Laurel, MD
    The Tikka T3 uses detatchable mags and is guaranteed sub MOA out of the box. There are a few guys on here who own them and from what I've heard they have nothing but great things to say about them.

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