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Why do guys sell their gun when they get divorced?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Amish, Jun 24, 2003.

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  1. Amish

    Amish Well-Known Member

    Should it be the other way around? If a guy gets divorced shouldn't he buy more guns? Where is the logic?
  2. S_O_Laban

    S_O_Laban Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm still married to my first wife:D but I think it has to do with splitting everything down the middle and then giving her the much bigger half:D After the big D then, if your not saddled with high alimony and child support, you can spend as much as your electronic banker will allow:D YMMV
  3. Amish, It's obvious that you have never been thru a divorce. By the time the wifes bottom feeder is done with you, you have no home, no cash and the old car. I managed to hold onto my guns, but after paying alamony and child support did not have the money to buy any new guns for a while.
    Do you know why divorce is so damn expensive? Because sometimes it's worth it. :D
  4. Sylvilagus Aquaticus

    Sylvilagus Aquaticus Well-Known Member

    I sold 15 ( fairly rare) BHP's to help finance my divorce. Ended up costing me 2 houses as well.

    On the other hand, my life did seem to get a lot better as soon as the ink was dry.

    All in all, my court-mandated liposuction turned out better than I'd expected. In just one day I lost 300 pounds of mean, ugly fat.

    Life is good.

  5. jrpeterman

    jrpeterman Well-Known Member

    I work in an environment where the divorce rate is higher than the general population. Everytime a guy says he getting a divorce, there is always someone there to ask what kinds of guns, tools, etc. he is willing to sell for cash up front.
  6. Amish

    Amish Well-Known Member

    Amish don't get divorced.
  7. firestar

    firestar member

    My friend is going through a divorce right now and it is costing him a fortune. He won't sell any guns to pay for it though.

    I have seen a recent study about the relative happiness of different classes of married/single people and the happiest of all people are men following a divorce. Unmarried women are the least happy. I thought that was interesting.
  8. Hal

    Hal Well-Known Member

    They usually shun electricity too, which makes it a mystery how you manage to post on an electronic B Board :D
  9. jeff4570

    jeff4570 Member

    Hal: Must be one of those 'Liberal Ords' like in the movie "For richer or Poorer" ....BTW When I was divorced I had to sell almost all my guns and More ! But I got better ones now...took me 10 years though.
  10. PAshooter

    PAshooter Well-Known Member

    Mine happened kind of bass-ackwards, but the end result was the same. When my first wife and I split almost 10 years ago I left the house but the guns stayed behind (major tactical error on my part). Of course we both agreed to respect each other's property and work through things together, and of course within a few months the... ummm... lying female canine had sold them all. My collection was small but did have a few pieces that were special to me (LNIB Series 70 Gold Cup, beautiful blue 6" Python to name two).

    So the upshot was that my collection got sold not to finance my expenses related to the divorce, but to finance her extravagant lifestyle while the process was underway. I got some measure of revenge, however, when the court ruled that any joint property she had disposed of counted against her share of our "stuff" when we ultimately divided it up. She got "my" guns, but in return I got "her" solid cherry dining room set... which I promptly sold to finance restarting my collection. It all works out.
  11. CZ-100

    CZ-100 Well-Known Member

    DON'T EVER let them know how many guns you have and you will never have to get rid of them... :D
  12. OEF_VET

    OEF_VET Well-Known Member

    I got REAL lucky I guess when I got rid of 'the female canine formerly known as the spouse'. I got to keep my gun collection ( as small as it was), and both cars. One was a beat up lemon Camaro she didn't want and she couldn't afford to pay for the other one. The only downside was she took our son back to Maine, which is 1250 miles away, so I don't see him often. But, I got to keep my guns!!!!! And I got rid of her!!!! And the child support is low enough, I can afford to buy more guns.

  13. Carlos Cabeza

    Carlos Cabeza Well-Known Member

    He needed the money ! :D
    Mdshooter, this is the reasoning behind those 2000lb. safes you see at the guns expo. :D

    Seriously, sorry to hear of your misfortune, I'm going to rebar my safe to the garage floor tonight !!!!!!!!! just in case.............the :cuss: errr WIFE gets any ideas.
  14. DonP

    DonP Well-Known Member

    I'm the other side of that story

    The wife packed up and left me with the house and 3 kids to go "find herself" about 9 years ago.

    After paying off the firm of Shyster, Flywheel and Shyster, I finally bought a Garand from CMP and the flood gates opened. Now I have an almost complete WW II collection of battle rifles.

    If she was still around I wouldn't have any of them, since I didn't trust her with firearms in the house and kept my only gun, a .22 Buckmark, locked in a wall safe.

    Best money I ever spent, on both the lawyer and the Garand.

    Don P.
  15. Sisco

    Sisco Well-Known Member

    Why is a divorce so expensive?

    'Cause it's worth it! :D
  16. Kenneth Lew

    Kenneth Lew Well-Known Member

    Restraining Order! Domestic Violence!
  17. Ebbtide

    Ebbtide Well-Known Member

    Yep thats a real quick way to get your man out of the house for good. Tell the judge you are afraid of him and his guns.

    Note to all married men:

    Hide your guns at the first sign of trouble, hire a lawyer, and get a second and third job. Many times it is the wife's lawyer doing all the bidding, so regardless if you wife is sweet and "would not do that", she will.


    Women, you can't live with them.
  18. YankeeRebel

    YankeeRebel Well-Known Member

    How many lawyers, hers, immediately cry 'domestic violence' he hit her and he needs to get rid of the guns to prevend the possibility of his killing her? And of course the judge says 'make it so' and away they go. Just one possible scenerio. Rightly or wrongly I think more lawyers for the female dog are doing this as a tatic to get more and put the husband in bad light and getting away with it.
  19. rperry03

    rperry03 Active Member


    Do not get any additional jobs. It will end up costing you more in alimony and Child support. Then you will have to keep the extra jobs for the rest of your life. Get the extra jobs after the ink is dry.

    When I was separated my wife called the cops (I lived in PRNJ) and said I had guns in the car.
    Well one (very anti 2nd am.) came up to me when I dropped the kids off and asked if that was the case. I said no, I did not have any in the car.
    Since I was legal and had all my paperwork the cop said to her it was perfectly legal even if I did.....this was after giving me a hard time, so I had to correct him and said no it is not legal to ride around the PRNJ with guns in your car only from point A to point B. He was P.O. at that point and I told him I was not opening the car unless he had a warrant. His Sargent arrived and he was very 2nd am. so after talking to him for a few minutes I let him look in and there was nothing in there. Boy were the other cop and my wife pissed! It was great and the Sargent went on to the wife and cop telling telling them they need to be more responsible!

    Sorry about being long winded.
  20. waynzwld

    waynzwld Well-Known Member

    If the relationship is failing, both parties know it. As is said many times, the best defense is a good offense. He who files first, usually comes out on top. Never trust a lawyer, especially your own.

    Having gone through the "Big D", I learned a lot on our judicial system. Thaank God my ex was as stupid as I thought she was.

    1) she was too stupid to pay attention to how many guns I had.
    2) She was too stupid to learn the gun safe combination.
    3) she was too stupid to even consider I would file first.
    4) she was so stupid she threatened me with a gun she borrowed from her boyfriend!
    5) she was so stupid she misjudged our son (he chose to stay with me, so I got the house!)
    6) she was so stupid she QUIT her very high paying chushy job, so she would not have to pay child support and pay me alimony payments!

    I remained civil and calm through the whole thing and MADE my lawyer do what I WANTED, not what he wanted. Perseverance and logic won out.
    The fatal mistake most people make in a divorce is that the lawyer will take care of things, lawyers are like water crossing a field, they take the path of least resistance, not the best for you.

    Sorry for the rant, but my ex said the same stupid excuse to me as a reason for wanting a divorce (before I found out she had a boyfriend) "I just want to find myself" to which I replied, "If you don't know after 43 years, you ain't going to find out now!" :D
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