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why not buy 2 & sell 1

Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by buster94, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. buster94

    buster94 New Member

    I went into gun shop to maybe buy a SW XDM 40. I ended up buying it and a used Beretta 84f 380. I shot 50 rnd through each and really like them both.
    No problems with either going bang as they should. Being both are quality guns I sure expected they would and was not disappointed.

    I am hoping to sell my KelTec PF9 and wonder how or where to list it for sale. I have original case and all that came with it plus extra mag, pocket holster and inexpensive laser. I hope to sell it for $250.
  2. blume357@bellsouth.net

    blume357@bellsouth.net Well-Known Member

    Local is you first and best choice.... maybe the local range(s) have a bulletin board or such.....
  3. Hanzo581

    Hanzo581 Well-Known Member

    I stick with face to face sales and have sold through this site successfully.
  4. Mike1234567

    Mike1234567 member

    There's always gunbroker but shipping and FFL fees are high... not such a big deal if selling a $1000 firearm but hard to take for $225 guns.
  5. dsb1829

    dsb1829 Well-Known Member

    FTF is best. Forums such as THR or manufacturer boards are good. See if you have a local armslist site. If you sell online you will have ffl fee plus shipping. On a $250 gun you would only net $150-190 once that is said and done. You will likely get $200-225 ftf for that gun as a savvy buyer can find them new for just over $260.
  6. Mike1234567

    Mike1234567 member

    Regarding shipping, FFL, and GB fees...

    Sometimes that $60-70 is well spent. What is your time worth? I agree that Forum Classifieds trying for a FTF sale is worth a try I wouldn't expect it to happen. If you live in a busy metropolitin area then maybe.
  7. addedpulp

    addedpulp member

    Then... make the buyer pay your shipping and fees? If they don't want to, they don't have to. They just won't get the item.

    Seriously, it's pretty simple. Find an FFL (typically YOUR FFL) to ship for you. It'll cost less than shipping yourself alone, even paying their shipping and a fee to them, and cover all legal issues.
  8. Mike1234567

    Mike1234567 member

    Yes, the buyer pays shipping/FFL. However, this affects final sale price. So... the cash nearly always comes out of the seller's pocket no matter who pays for this or that.
  9. Buck Kramer

    Buck Kramer Well-Known Member

    Gonna have a hard time getting that when you can get them new at $211, when you sell a gun with accessories (other than mags of course) they don't always add value...
  10. PabloJ

    PabloJ Well-Known Member

    It would be even wiser to buy one quality peace instead of two lesser quality ones.

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