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WI: another idiot editor to hit

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Monkeyleg, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. Monkeyleg

    Monkeyleg Well-Known Member

  2. TequilaMockingbird

    TequilaMockingbird Well-Known Member

    It's been done in state after state that passed concealed carry. In no state did the nightmare visions of the antis come to pass.
  3. sumpnz

    sumpnz Well-Known Member

    Tequila - I agree with you. However, the next time Dick and his fellow gunnies in WI get a bill introduced, assuming that it's necessary to get a veto override, adding that study provision would be a worthwhile compromise. We all know that, fairly interpreted at least, the study results would only help us and would make it easier to loosen CCW restrictions. However, I would fight tooth and nail to keep out a sunset clause.

    Of course, if a GOP candidate wins the govenor's mansion that won't be necessary.
  4. fiveoboy01

    fiveoboy01 Well-Known Member

    I was under the impression that the DOJ was going to issue yearly stats on # of permits issued/revoked, etc. if the legislation passed. Though, I had only read this on another forum. Could be wrong, I guess...

    But as was said, there are plenty of statistics gathered from other states with CCW in place. The antis, however, will have you believe that WI will be a different story.
  5. Desertdog

    Desertdog Well-Known Member

    IMO, set a date that if the crime and death rate from firearms go up, they can repeal the law.
  6. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    Unless, of course, you get a Schwarzenegger.
  7. sumpnz

    sumpnz Well-Known Member

    Even the Govenator has enough political savvy to not go against 63% of the legislature on an issue that is of great importance to his political base on the eve of an election. Remember of course, that Ahhnold's base is not gun owners, or really even conservatives. If he were elected govenor of WI I have little doubt that he'd sign the PPA, even if he didn't really want to. His problems are related to lack of savvy in other areas of politics.
  8. TequilaMockingbird

    TequilaMockingbird Well-Known Member

    We need to be careful here that we don't get sucked into playing utilitarianism, which is a destroyer of rights. Do our rights to keep and bear arms depend upon how criminals misuse firearms? Of course they don't.
  9. Desertdog

    Desertdog Well-Known Member

    Very true. I should have remembered that. What I was thinking, was crime would probably drop, and they would not be able to repeal in.
  10. Dolomite

    Dolomite Well-Known Member

    My reply to the dolt

  11. Zundfolge

    Zundfolge Well-Known Member

    Because we all know that opinions are more important than facts.
  12. Drizzt

    Drizzt Well-Known Member

    Letters: Rep. Van Akkeren considered safety of Wisconsin with vote on weapons

    When state Rep. Terry Van Akkeren cast his vote on the concealed carry bill On Feb. 2, many believe he put his political career on the line.

    We believe he weighed concerns expressed by constituents (both supporters and opponents of concealed carry) along with those of law enforcement officers from throughout Wisconsin whose expertise provided him an objective view of the issues involved. We appreciate that.

    We know that properly registered firearms can become lethal in domestic violence situations.

    We believe Rep. Van Akkeren made the right decision to uphold Wisconsin's 130-year ban against ordinary citizens carrying concealed weapons.

    We know his decision was neither easy nor popular. We appreciate his willingness to consider the safety of all Wisconsin citizens.

    Because of the Assembly vote, Wisconsin, one of only four states that has not enacted a law permitting concealed carry, can continue to reflect proudly on its history as an independent, progressive state concerned for the well-being of all of its citizens.


    Executive Director

    Safe Harbor domestic abuse shelter

    Readers respond

    Quote: "We know that properly registered firearms can become lethal in domestic violence situations." What does this have to do with the concealed carry law? I realize the domestic abuse is a problem and I applaud the mission of Safe Harbor, but domestic violence and concealed carry have about as much to do with each other as applesauce and Apple computers. I think it's more than a little disingenuous to link the two in an attempt to shame those in favor of concealed carry and to applaud Rep. VanAkkeren for going against the wishes of his constituency under pressure from the governor. — Jeff Cole of Sheboygan

  13. halvey

    halvey Well-Known Member

    Funny the 3 most anti-gun, political corrupt, hack job sheriffs would claim to loose money on permitting.

    Even the Dakota County sheriff has shut up about the whole thing.
  14. Janitor

    Janitor Senior Member

    Well written, polite, and even supportive of (what should be) their actual cause.

    I like the "disingenuous" remark a lot. Did the "Readers Respond" tag mean that this got printed?

    1000th post! And in only a bit over three years!
  15. Trip20

    Trip20 Well-Known Member

    Drizzt and Dolomite: Awesome job fellas. Well said. ;)
  16. Drizzt

    Drizzt Well-Known Member

    yes, amazingly enough, it did get printed. Kudos to Mr. Jeff Cole.

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