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will a romanian LPS scope fit a Saiga 7.62x39?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by silverlance, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. silverlance

    silverlance Well-Known Member

    A buddy wants to sell me a romanian LPS scope (trade actually... he owes me money). I don't like him worrying about owing me money so I'd like to take the scope even if I am losing money.

    But only if it will fit my saiga 7.62x39's rail.

    will it?
  2. MIL-DOT

    MIL-DOT member

    Not sure if it's the same scope or not, but i bought a scope from a work buddy that came off a Romanian faux-dragunov rifle, and it "fit" my saiga rail.....till i fired it a couple times, then it would always kick itself loose. Turned out to be compatible with SKS rail, not AKs. Google Kalinka, or KalinkaOptics, that's where i finally got the right scope for my Saiga. You'll be able to see the difference in the two scope rail types and see which you have.
  3. SSN Vet

    SSN Vet Well-Known Member

    Saigas have the standard AK side rail....

    because that's what they are;)
  4. rangerruck

    rangerruck Well-Known Member

    if it fits an ak , then it fits a saiga, like the above poster said, 'cuz that's what a Saiga is...
  5. silverlance

    silverlance Well-Known Member

    the LPS scope came off of a Romanian PSL. it is just like this one:


    the saiga rail looks like this:


    ive never used the rails on either of my saigas.
  6. silverlance

    silverlance Well-Known Member

    so.... anyone know?
    basically, I dont know if the PSL side rail is the same as the AK side rail.
  7. DnPRK

    DnPRK Well-Known Member

    If your buddy's scope is identical to the one in the picture, it will not fit an AK rail. However, you can interchange the lower end of the scope mount for one that will fit an AK. Lower end for AK rail

    It's easy to swap that SKS/Dragunov lower end for the AK lower end. I did one a couple months ago.
  8. akolleth

    akolleth Well-Known Member

    There are two types of rails on the AK style weapons, and two types of bottoms on the scopes based of which rail you have. They are the AK style, and the SVD/PSL style. They are not interchangable.

    Your rail on the Saiga is the AK type rail. The scope your friend should have a SVD/PSL type of base. They will not work together as is. The eye relief will be all wrong, and the scope will not hold tightly down.

    But the good news is is that you can use the scope by swapping out the base that comes with that scope to from SVD to AK type rail.

    Kalinka Optics AK mount base

    Easy as pie, with just four screws to undo.

    Those Russians sure knew how to make a scope useful, the POSP is able to be swapped from rifle to rifle, even from different rails to different rails with very little work.
  9. akolleth

    akolleth Well-Known Member

    A picture is worth alot of time spent rambling on---

    example of a SVD rail

    Example of an AK rail

    POSP with Ak style base

    POSP with SVD/PSL style of base

    Note how its the same scope, just with a slightly differnet base screwed in. The AK mount places the scope further forward, and has a differnet locking system for use specifically on the AK rail

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