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Will he drop or not

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by 454c, Feb 17, 2003.

  1. 454c

    454c New Member

    About to start critter calling soon and was wandering something-How far,if at all,can we expect a coyote to run after a shot in the vital zone?Right now I'll be using a 22-250 and my dad carries a little.22.Later on we're going to try a 223 or a 243.Any ideas?
  2. jmbg29

    jmbg29 member

    .22-250 ought to drop the varmint like a rock.

    .22 LR is marginally OK but the range is limited. Plus bone and such can get in the way.

    Lots of 'yotes have been killed by .223.

    With a .243 you might want to make sure it's loaded with varmint bullets (they fragment faster to limit damage to the hide). Lots of .243 rounds are loaded for deer, and those bullets expand as well as hold together after impact, and they can blow a hole through the back side of what would have been a nice pelt.
  3. MarineTech

    MarineTech New Member

    A lot of this is going to depend on how good you hit the coyote. Put a clean shot into his "Boiler room" (heart lungs), and just about any of the listed calibers are going to do the job. The .22 your dad has might be a bit light.

    But, if you miss your shot and hit him low down in the guts, he's going to be running AND suffering for quite a ways.

    Do YOUR part right and you're not going to be walking far to pick him up.

    HSMITH New Member

    I have shot a lot of coyotes with a 22-250, with hot loaded 40-50 grain varmint bullets I have never seen one not drop regardless of where he was hit as long as it was a body hit. Even gutshot they have dropped and flopped long enough to put a second in them easily. I have also never had a 22-250 exit unless it was a neck shot. 223 is a lot less spectacular, but works really good. 243 is a lot of gun for coyotes but will reach WAY out there with a good load, pelt damage is going to be really hard to avoid as mentioned above. My favorite was a 25-06 with a fast loaded 90 grain bullet after pelt prices fell to the point they were not worth skinning, it really did a job on them.

    Since no one else said it I will, 22LR is not enough gun for coyotes. It is not going to do the job with anything but a perfect shot, and coyotes are nearly impossible to make a perfect shot on. Take a 12 ga with buckshot and a full choke, let dad take the 60 yard and in shots with that, you take the longer shots. A handgun would add some challenge too. At least draw for the first shot of the day and alternate from then on with the 22-250 until he gets a gun that will do the job cleanly.
  5. Pawcatch

    Pawcatch New Member

    Coyotes are tough critters.I once tried to dispatch a 13 pound female coyote in a trap and three rounds of CCI JFN .22 mag to the chest from a single six wasn't enough.
    .223 would be the minimum when hunting for me.
  6. Art Eatman

    Art Eatman Administrator Staff Member

    I wouldn't use a .22 LR on a coyote. Even with a close-range headshot, you have good odds of bouncing off the skull...

  7. BTM

    BTM New Member

    The one I killed yesterday with Tikka .308 was DRT (Dead Right There) at 225 yards. Some of my calling partners have used .223 in the past but complained about the terminal ballistics especially shots at or beyond 200 yards. It will work, but most seroius callers I know use .22-250, .220 Swift, .243 ( I like it alot) and some 25-06. I am hearing stories of coyotes being killed with new .17HMR, but I think they would need to be inside 100 yards with good placement. .22LR NO. Unless trap caught and a head shot close range.
  8. Bottom Gun

    Bottom Gun New Member

    Last year my hunting partner shot a coyote at about 275 yd with his 7MM Mag using ballistic tips.
    At the shot, the coyote took off running at full speed like he was untouched. He went about 90-100 yd when he suddenly folded up.
    When we examined him, we found the bullet had gone through cleanly behind both shoulders. I suspect it took out both lungs. It apparently didn't expand since there wasn't much of an exit wound.
  9. Larry Ashcraft

    Larry Ashcraft Moderator Staff Member

    Gotta agree with hsmith. I've shot them with .223, 22-250 and 25-06. Never seen one that didn't drop at the shot. I gut shot one last October at 450 yards with my 25-06, 100 gr. Ballistic tip and it almost tore him in half. Shot one a couple of weeks ago at 300 yards and hit him in the spine or pelvis (Hey, he was running) and he drug himself around until I could put one in his neck a few seconds later.

    Bottom Gun: Ballistic Tips from .264 and up are more heavily constructed for larger game. I suspect it was too much bullet going too fast for such a small target. Ballistic Tips up to .243 are varmint bullets, while in the 257's the 85 grainer is a varmint bullet and the 100 grainer is the game bullet.

    I agree that .22lr is not enough gun. Even with 22 mag or .17 HMR you would have to be close and pick your shot carefully. Like Art says "Use enough gun!"

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