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will paint thinner damage phosphate finish?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by mr.trooper, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. mr.trooper

    mr.trooper Well-Known Member

    I want to remove the chipped paint from my Vector AK so i can repaint it with something fresh. I would like to do so without harming the original black phosphate finish underneath.

    Can i use regular paint stripper, or will that damage the finish?
  2. geojap

    geojap Well-Known Member

    Until a more knowledgeable response comes in, I would take the handguards off and test it with a Q-Tip on a very small spot under the receiver/chamber where it is covered by the lower handguard.

    From what I remember in college chemistry, the organic compounds in the paint thinner should not react with phosphate or dissolve it. Since the paint is mostly made out of organic compounds, the paint thinner will dissolve the paint since the paint thinner's carbon chains are much shorter than the paint's carbon chains.

    Also from college chemistry, I think an acid is what will dissolve phosphate. So you want to stay away from acidic liquids on the phosphate.
  3. Horsemany

    Horsemany Well-Known Member

    There's a difference between paint thinner and paint stripper. I'd stay away from paint stripper. Paint thinner like mineral spirits will NOT affect parkerizing or phosphating. I promise. Try that first and use a brass bristle brush if it's stubborn. That should do it. Oil afterwards of course.

    Some paint "stripper" is acidic and should not be used.

    Lacquer thinner will be a little more effectice at dissolving paint than mineral spirits and has never damaged any of my gun finishes including parkerizing.

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