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Will S&W re-barrel a 66 from 2.5" to 4" ?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by DHart, Oct 31, 2004.

  1. DHart

    DHart Well-Known Member

    I have a beautiful S&W 66 with 2 1/2" barrel that I bought perhaps 20 years ago. I've probably put all of 75 rounds through it. Great action, pristine condition. (Safe queen). One of the reasons I shoot it so little is that I think a 2 1/2" .357 with adjustable sights is just, well, a dumb configuration. Too stubby for it's overall size and I have much better guns for carry purposes. I should have bought a Model 65 with 3" barrel... that gun makes MUCH more sense. Anyway.

    I just bought a SP101 with 3" barrel and I have a used 65 with 3" barrel on the way. So I'm set for small .357's. So I was thinking that perhaps my 66 could be rebarreled to be a 4", which would make it a much more sensible adjustable-sighted .357 model 66 configuration in my opinion. (I also have a 6" 686, so I might go to 5", but not to 6")

    So the question is, would S&W re-barrel it for me and what do you suppose they might charge to do that? Aside from re-barreling, I could just sell the gun, but it's a great gun and I'd prefer to have it in a 4" or 5" than to not have it at all. Any thoughts? Thanks much.
  2. sgt127

    sgt127 Well-Known Member

    The 2 1/2 is likely more desirable, and less available than a 4". There were thousands of 4" 66's made. I would think you could swap and come out ahead for a mint 4". Rough guess, including the barrel, S&W will charge you about $175. If you are attached to the gun for any reason, the price is a mute point. S&W will do a fine job.
  3. JNewell

    JNewell Well-Known Member

    But, if you still want to go ahead, the answer is yes. Be advised that it will be a little pricey, because you'll need not only the barrel but the ejector rod and some related parts (the 2 1/2" uses a shorter ejector rod than the 4" and up barrels). Call S&W to be sure they'll do it. My guesstimate would be that you'd be looking at something in the $150-175 range plus shipping at least one way. Whether it's worth that to you or not is...up to you to figure out! ;)
  4. DHart

    DHart Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the input... so do you guys think a 2 1/2" 66 should be left alone? Would it be worth more than a 4" 66 on the used market? How much more? I don't really need a 4" 66 as I have a GP100 in 4" and a 686 in 6"... I just think this 66 would be a much better shooter with a 4" tube (longer sighting radius, more developed power) than as it is. I don't need it as a concealed carry gun (got a 3" 65 and other guns for that).
  5. FPrice

    FPrice Well-Known Member


    "Thanks for the input... so do you guys think a 2 1/2" 66 should be left alone?"

    In a word, YES. There are so many 4" guns out there that it's really not worth the money to convert it. I think sgt127 put it very well. If you don't want it, you can trade for what you want and and probably make money rather than spend money.

    AND help someone else get a gun they want.
  6. R.H. Lee

    R.H. Lee Well-Known Member

    I'd send it to S&W for a 4" or even a 5-6" barrel, rather than sell or trade it.
  7. Bill B.

    Bill B. Well-Known Member

    There are probably at least five guys on the S&W forum that would trade you a 4" M66 just as good as the one you have now and pay for the shipment both ways! The 2 1/2 is worth at least $50.00 more than the 4" version at any gunshow I have been to for a while. :rolleyes: I don't see spending money for this project. :confused:
  8. DHart

    DHart Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all your thoughts... I think I'll leave this pug nosed beauty just as she is. It's pretty accurate, smooth as silk, looks great... I probably shouldn't mess with a good thing.
  9. What state are you in, Dhart?
  10. DHart

    DHart Well-Known Member

    Washington State... just across the Columbia River from Portland, OR.

    Now that I've been playing with the 66 a little and shooting it on occasion before I go to bed... (I have a nice long laundry room which makes for a convenient shooting room) I'm starting to take a real liking to it.

    Funny how your feeling about a gun you have can change from time to time.... :rolleyes:
  11. FPrice

    FPrice Well-Known Member


    "Funny how your feeling about a gun you have can change from time to time.... "

    Yeah. Just like women. :D
  12. DHart

    DHart Well-Known Member

    You got that right! :uhoh:

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