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Win vs. CCI small pistol primers

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by caver, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. caver

    caver Member

    Hello everyone,

    My win small pistol primers have been on back order for ever. I have the chance to exchange the Win for CCI small pistol primers for the same price and they are in stock. I've never used CCI always been Win.

    What are your opinions?

  2. armoredman

    armoredman Well-Known Member

    I use CCI when I can get them, they work great.
  3. jmortimer

    jmortimer Well-Known Member

    I use both. Six of one and half a dozen of the other. Both work just fine. If I have my choice I get Winchester but no reason to do without.
  4. caver

    caver Member

    Thanks for the replies, I'll tell them to send me the CCI's. Like it was said, bettter to have something.
  5. Ala Dan

    Ala Dan Member in memoriam

    I Know This Was Not An Option, But

    I like Federal primers for handguns. They have worked well for me, over
    many years. However, I will be using CCI #400 primers for handloading
    the .223/5.56~! ;) :D
  6. Slim Pickens

    Slim Pickens Well-Known Member

    You and I must have received the same email from Cabela's today. :)

    Nothing wrong with CCI, I may change my order too.
  7. Runningman

    Runningman Well-Known Member

    Have never had a problem with CCI small pistol primers. Used them for decades.
  8. bds

    bds Well-Known Member

    Another +1 for CCI. Although I prefer Winchester, I won't blink an eye for CCI.
  9. Ala Dan

    Ala Dan Member in memoriam

    What do you guy's [or gal's - pardon the pun, please] see that is wrong
    with Federal primers~? Just curious, cuz as I stated;they have worked
    very well for me, over the course of many years. ;)
  10. mousegun380

    mousegun380 Well-Known Member

    The only problem I have ever had with CCI is that they must be harder than Federal because I have had trouble with them going off in match revolvers. In pistols they work great.
  11. bds

    bds Well-Known Member

  12. Jesse Heywood

    Jesse Heywood Well-Known Member

    Aren't Federal primers the reason why Lee says to use only CCI & Winchester?
  13. 1SOW

    1SOW Well-Known Member

    Lee doesn't say that. They say their basic primer holder isn't safe with too many Federals in it.

    I use Fed exclusively and reload in a Lee Turret Press.

    The Feds will fire 100% of the time in a gun with a light trigger/hammer spring.
  14. Jumping Frog

    Jumping Frog Well-Known Member

    Your message prompted me to go check my email -- I got the same Cabelas email.

    The only issue I have is CCI primers are a less expensive primer than Winchester. For example, current Graf's price for 5k primers:
    CCI = $109.99 ($22/k)
    Winchester = $137.99 ($27.60/k)

    So Cabelas offering me CCI primers at the Winchester price doesn't exactly appeal.
  15. rondog

    rondog Well-Known Member

    I'd betcha 29 cents that Winchester doesn't make their primers anyway. Just has their name on them, like their powders. Probably don't make their ammo either.
  16. Jesse Heywood

    Jesse Heywood Well-Known Member

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  17. joneb

    joneb Well-Known Member

    I hear ya Ala,
    I like Federal primers in my revolvers with Winchester brass.
  18. Walkalong

    Walkalong Moderator

    Not a thing in the world wrong with Federal primers. I have used both CCI and Win small pistol primers lately working on lite .357 loads as well as .38 loads, and the CCI seem to give slightly less velocity. Sometimes I have had to go up .1 Grs with the CCI 500 vs WSP. Work great though. I have 2K of Fed small pistol primers, but I have been "hoarding" them.
  19. The Bushmaster

    The Bushmaster Well-Known Member

    Winchester primers tend to be just a bit hotter then CCI. I keep both at my loading bench. Not partial to Remington primers and I haven't taken the time to try Federals.
  20. MachIVshooter

    MachIVshooter Well-Known Member

    CCI is my preferred primer in all applications. In the reverse of the OP, I find winchester, with their soft naked brass cups, to be the least desireable of the common commercial stuff.

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