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Winchester 1897 Solid Frame Disassembly?

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by AethelstanAegen, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. AethelstanAegen

    AethelstanAegen Well-Known Member

    I got my Winchester 1897 in the mail today. It's a "C" solid frame model. Does anyone know a good resource to get info on how to do any sort of disassembly? I'm interested to to get the magazine off, so I can get a look at the markings on the bottom of the barrel. I haven't taken any pictures of it myself yet (can't find my camera) but here's one from the original seller:

  2. Rodman579

    Rodman579 Well-Known Member

    thats a nice old gun. to remove the magazine tube you need to unscrew the barrel band screw then remove that. also remove the screw on th right side of the receiver thats near the mag tube. then just unthread the mag tube from the receiver and it will just slide off. hope this helps.
  3. AethelstanAegen

    AethelstanAegen Well-Known Member

    Rodman579, thank you! That is exactly what I needed. I sort of figured that was the case, but didn't want to try anything until I made sure there wasn't something more to it. Many thanks.
  4. Grapevine

    Grapevine Member

  5. AethelstanAegen

    AethelstanAegen Well-Known Member

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