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Winchester Model 100

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by vcmi60, Dec 30, 2006.

  1. vcmi60

    vcmi60 New Member

    I have a winchester Model 100 in a state of disrepair, the stock is cracked and broken and the action actuation rods have been welded. Does anyone make a synthetic stock for this rifle. I recently had bypass surgery and I am trying to find a game rifle that does not recoil to hard. I have fired a Model 100 and they have light recoil in the .308. Any ideas.:)
  2. Pumpkinheaver

    Pumpkinheaver Well-Known Member

    Nobody makes parts for this gun that I know of. Gunbroker has some parts on there sometimes as does ebay.
  3. Art Eatman

    Art Eatman Administrator Staff Member

    If you don't figure to have to walk any great distance to your hunting place, why not go with a relatively heavy bolt action? Recoil is a function of weight, after all, and a rifle of some eight pounds should work.

    If your anticipated shooting distances are no more than a couple of hundred yards, you might consider cartridges such as the .257 roberts or equivalent; 7x57mm Mauser, also.

    And, today's much-better recoil pads help a lot. Making sure of a near-perfect stock fit helps as well.

  4. vcmi60

    vcmi60 New Member

    Winchester 100

    Thanks for the replies, I am going to try to make a shooting rifle out of this Model 100, as the 308 caliber is good for game in this area, elk, deer, and bear. I have tried several other bolt actions in heavier rifles but the recoil is still painful. Until you have your chest split, and heart repaired it is hard to describe what it feels like to have any kind of recoil in your shoulder area.
    I have found some parts on ebay where I am a member so I pretty much have the metal parts in order. The stock is still an issue as it is split from the pistol grip left side and then thru the forearm on the right side, actually in two pieces. I amworking now on a very careful cleanin and a reglue with clamping and small brad nails. If I can get it structually sound, I will finish it with flat black paint and and a clear overcoat, makes a stock look synthetic. I have had success doing this with other guns I work on. Anyway have a great year. Jerry in Idaho
  5. NailGun

    NailGun Well-Known Member

    vcmi60, Save that old Winchester 100! They are nice shooting, easy handling and nice to look at.

    On the down side, a lot of the ones that I have seen have cracked stocks. Fear Not! Boyd's makes stocks for that gun. Part # 300-300, walnut, semi-inletted (some fitting required), $63.56 + shipping. http://www.boydsgunstocks.com/BrowseEbus/1piecewin.asp

    If I was you, I would order up one of these stocks and drop it off at your favorite gunsmith shop. Have him install it and your e-bay parts, check it over good, and make sure it in perfect working order.

    I have been looking for one of those 100's for years. Found one at a Sioux Falls gun show, in (think it was) .284 Winchester. The guy wanted $2500. firm. :mad: It was NICE!.....but....

    Do yourself a big favor and keep/fix up the one you got! IMHO, it is a treasure that you should enjoy shooting and keep in the family

  6. zinj

    zinj Well-Known Member

    If buying another gun isn't a problem I would take a serious look at a Browning BAR Mk.II, it is another gas-operated autoloading rifle.
  7. vcmi60

    vcmi60 New Member

    Thanks for the replies, especially the one on stock information. My stock is split end to end. I was hoping someone made a synthetic as the original is to thin in places for a gas operated system. I have considered other guns but at 66 and on fixed income you have to do the best you can with what you got. and I got the Winchester and time so we will keep plugging away. Deer season is about 9 months away so maybe I can have it shooting by then. Thanks again, Jerry in Idaho

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