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Winchester model 61 Win Mag R.F. info?

Discussion in 'Firearms Research' started by mxlj, Apr 27, 2010.

  1. mxlj

    mxlj New Member

    Just got a Winchester model 61 Win Mag R.F. and need to get some info straight.
    First the serial is 316xxx, what year is it?
    if i am correct this shoots the standard 22 WMR? and it is not the 22 WRF only model? let me know if i am correct or not.

    Lastly what is this worth in very good to good condition? (using the below determination for good to very good) It is about halfway in between. Has wear on bluing by slide, some minor rust spots on receiver. With no repairs, all original parts. i would say 85/90% of original finish. I was bought by my grandpa years ago and shot very little. But unfortunately was not kept oiled and clean.

    "Very Good: A "very good" gun is in perfect working condition with no appreciable wear on working surfaces, no corrosion or pitting and only very minor scratches. All original parts with at least 80% of the original finish. Original metal surfaces are smooth. Lettering and designs are clear. Wood may be slightly scratched or bruised. There may be some very minor repairs or alterations.

    Good: Some minor replacement parts are acceptable, but all parts must be working. The metal may be smoothly rusted or lightly pitted in places, and the gun may be cleaned and re-blued, although at least 50% of the original factory finish must be evident. Lettering and design is legible, and the wood may be refinished, scratched, bruised, or minor cracks repaired. Gun is in good and safe working order. The bore may have some wear and pitting."
  2. bonza

    bonza New Member

    The Model 61 Winchester .22 caliber hammerless pump action rifle was made from 1932-1963. From your description & the rifle's serial number it seems you have a post-WW2 Model 61 Magnum, these were indeed chambered for the .22WRF/.22 Remington Special cartridge, not the more more modern .22WMR. Here's a link that should help you better indentify what you have. http://aaa-webs.com/aaa/webs/homestead/courses/61/61-1history.htm
  3. mnrivrat

    mnrivrat Active Member

    I believe you are not correct . The gun should be .22WRF .
  4. mxlj

    mxlj New Member

    From what i was reading the earlier models shoot W.R.F. (besides the 22.lr models) and have Winchster WRF on the barrel. The later 1960-63 models shoot Winchester Magnum Rimfire. They Have the Win Mag R.F. on them. Mine has Win Mag R.F.
  5. TCOV

    TCOV New Member

    Mine has a lower serial number than yours and is marked 22 WIN. MAG. R.F., the modern 22 magnum. Mine shoots Winchester Super X better than other brands which was what was available when it was developed I think. I did some tuning on the bar that is supposed to let one cartridge at a time out of the magazine tube and it is ok with other brands now. These are great rifles and mine has an old Leupold 2 1/4 power 7/8 dia scope for short range coyote killing. If yours has not been refinished it is worth more than you might think. Start watching Gunbroker and Auction Arms for actual sales of similar condition rifles. Mine is well used and reblued and I think I payed about $300 a year or so ago and am happy.
    The Blue Book shows your rifle to be made in 1962.
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2010
  6. mnrivrat

    mnrivrat Active Member

    I'm still not too old to learn - thanks for the info ! Looks like you are indeed correct.
  7. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    Your rifle serial number dates to 1959, however it was probably not assembled and sold until 1960, the first year of .22 WMR production & sales. The .22 WRM version was only made from 1960 - 1963, when the Model 61 was discontinued.

    The actual production date will be stamped on the underside of the barrel under the magazine tube where you can't see it without taking the mag tube out.

    And it is indeed chambered for .22 WMR, IE = .22 Magnum.

    You can also shoot .22 WRF & .22 Rem Special in it, however it may not feed them correctly.

  8. mxlj

    mxlj New Member

    thanks for the clarification. Great site, filled with great people.

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