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Winchester Model 70 XTR

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by elktrout, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. elktrout

    elktrout New Member

    I have always admired the Model 70 XTR appearance. Yes, I realize it is not the classic stock that most people want, but I still have always liked it.

    Though vilified extensively, the push feed action on the XTR was apparently a good one. And, oddly, a local highly-respected gunsmith recently told me that the benchrest shooters for whom he builds rifles all seek the push feed actions from the 70s through the 90s that Winchester produced.

    Out of curiosity, I want to hear from those of you who have or have had the XTRs. What are their good points and bad points?
  2. USSR

    USSR Active Member

    This rifle was built from a pushfeed Model 70. They are indeed a very good starting point for a precision rifle.


  3. Abel

    Abel New Member

    I've never heard of a bad push feed M70. Not from anybody who actually knew what they were talking about anyway.
  4. 30Cal

    30Cal Active Member

    I have a pre-64 and an XTR. They're both great rifles.
  5. MRH

    MRH New Member

    I have 2 XTR Featherweights, a 257 Roberts, and a 280. Both are great shooters.
  6. elktrout

    elktrout New Member

    Yes, it seems that they had a lot going for them. Yet, oddly, rifle consumers apparently overwhelmingly wanted the claw extractor CRF action while they equally accepted the Rem 700 push feed.

    Sometimes I think American sportsmen are as fickle as all other consumers. Funny how it works that way.
  7. Abel

    Abel New Member

    By other consumers you must mean women. Agreed.
  8. Hopkins

    Hopkins New Member

    Winchester made a critical error when it replaced the CRF Model 70 with the PF. In an effort to meet a price point it coupled the PF action with cheaper bottom metal and a pressed checkered boat paddle of a stock. Little wonder that the Winchester faithful abandoned the brand in droves.
  9. Kingcreek

    Kingcreek Active Member

    I've had an XTR featherweight .243 since the late 70s that shoots like a dream (unless the barrel gets hot) and looks good too. Has taken a truckload or two of coyotes, deer, pronghorn, groundhogs, ...
    Great little rifle.
  10. joed

    joed Active Member

    I've owned my share of the model 70 XTRs. I like them, but I like all the model 70's.

    When it comes down to push feed or CRPF I'll take push feed. Maybe I've just had more of them, but to me the bolt seems smoother and easier to work.

    If there is one flaw that I've found with the XTR it is that most need some bedding work. Do this and you'll be amazed at how accurate they become.

    As Elktrout pointed out it has always amazed me that some complain about the Winchester pushfeed but think nothing of buying a Remington pushfeed.

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