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Winchester model 88 ,284 pre 64

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by tonylw, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. tonylw

    tonylw New Member

    I have what appears to be a Winchester model 88 284 pre 64, but after research on various sites it says if my serial number has an "A" it was a replaced receiver. I alos have approximately 80 rounds, and they are hard to come by. Any info on the serial # and the sale price?
  2. kludge

    kludge Well-Known Member

    1) Save your brass. Reload. Winchester makes brass and ammo once a year. Put an automatic reminder in at several of the ammo websites so you can get brass and ammo when it comes into stock.

    2) .284 is an excellent cartridge, I wouldn't want to sell it.

    3) No idea on the receiver or a selling price, check out gunbroker.com for completed sales to get an idea.

    4) Welcome to THR.
  3. Captcurt

    Captcurt Well-Known Member

    It all depends on the condition. Book shows $900 for excellent, $750 for VG, $500 for good. Add 25% for pre-64 and 75% for 284. In other words if it is in very good condition it is worth a mint!

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