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Wisconsin Senate Bill 35 (Elimination of 48 Hour Wait on Handguns for CC Holders)

Discussion in 'Legal' started by HGM22, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. HGM22

    HGM22 Well-Known Member

    Anyone know if this has taken effect yet?
  2. Midwest

    Midwest Well-Known Member

    Thanks for letting us know about it. Maybe the mods might want to move this to the "Legal" section?
  3. WiTom

    WiTom Active Member

    Yes, it has passed and is in effect. I think, if I recall, it was June 24 or so, it passed, through Act 22, on the bill. No waiting, but the Democrats aren't happy about it, and have said they will reverse it when they get control back, of the Senate.

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