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Wishfull Thinking & Shotshow 2008

Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by Malodorousroadkill, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. Malodorousroadkill

    Malodorousroadkill Well-Known Member

    Was bored at work, and thought up what I thought would be cool to see unveiled at the next shot show.
    With Ruger's reputation for toughness, one would think that they would have included the 10mm auto and .357 sig to their auto pistol lineup. A beefed up 10mm version of the 345 might be pretty neat especially if the recoil reduction system really works. A 10mm auto Single Action Revolver wouldn't be bad either especially if it could take 40 S&W too. The SP is a great pistol, but a bit on the heavy side, and isn't quite so easy to pocket carry as the Smith & Wesson Airweights. It would be interesting to see a lighter weight SP based .38 special designed to handle .38 special +P as well as the SP handles magnums and be about as small as the 642.
    With Sig getting into polymer frames, a poly framed 239 would make a good carry piece maybe even better.
    Bersa, Kel-tec, Kahr, should add some 9x18 makarovs to their lineups. Damn fun caliber and reasonable prices on it still.
  2. Just Jim

    Just Jim Well-Known Member

    Wish someone would make a 50 S&W caliber lever action rifle. Make that steel ringgggg when you hit it. I wish some company would bring back some old favorites without MIM parts.

  3. Mr.Revolverguy

    Mr.Revolverguy Well-Known Member

  4. Soybomb

    Soybomb Well-Known Member

    I'd settle for just being able to buy magpul's new ubr stock already. They're making big talk about their new rifle while I sit here skeptical since they've promising the ubr the next week for over a year now.
  5. sm

    sm member

    - NAA to reconsider and get back to R&D of the .32 revolver they were doing.

    - Quality, and affordable .22 rim-fire revolver, akin to the Model 18 for a K frame and Model 34 in J frame.

    Excellent guns with so many uses, including quality training for center-fire K frames and J frames.

    -FN (somebody) Give us the Colt Woodsmans and High Standards of yesteryear.

    This new stuff ain't worth spit.
  6. MPanova

    MPanova Well-Known Member

    When and where is the next shotshow anyway??
  7. waterhouse

    waterhouse Well-Known Member

    Super bowl weekend (plus the following Monday and Tuesday) in Las Vegas. I don't know why they picked one of the busiest sports gambling weekends of the year to do it.
  8. DevilDog0402

    DevilDog0402 Well-Known Member

    I second the 10mm in the Ruger 345 platform. I wouldn't mind a 10mm GP100 either.
  9. Rexster

    Rexster Well-Known Member

    I have long liked the 10mm, but Ruger is in the business to make money, so the best way to convince them to make a 10mm pistol is for all of us to buy mass quantitites of 10mm pistols from their competitors. For now, I would like to see Glock give the M20 or M29 a slim-grip treatment like they did with the M21.
  10. DevilDog0402

    DevilDog0402 Well-Known Member


    I would definitely go for that (unless Springfield came out with an XD-10 first ;))
  11. gbran

    gbran Well-Known Member

    I'd really get a kick out of a Kahr PM10.
  12. MPanova

    MPanova Well-Known Member

    I would love to have a PT1911SS in .50GI :D
  13. Malodorousroadkill

    Malodorousroadkill Well-Known Member

    I mean I really can understand Ruger not doing a 10mm, but the no .357 sig just baffles me. Its not mega popular, but it wouldn't exactly break the bank to make some barrels and change some springs.
  14. Correia

    Correia Moderator Emeritus

    They've had it on Superbowl weekend before in Vegas. I was there one year, and Rob Leatham was doing a demo for Springfield on Sunday. He was trying to work the crowd, and said "So, who are you guys rooting for?"

    Somebody else shouted back, "Who's playing?"

    Somebody else shouted, "Who cares?"

    I love SHOT. :)
  15. boomer1911a1

    boomer1911a1 Well-Known Member

    Ruger did make a single action 10mm. It was called the Buckeye, and you can find them on Gunbroker every now and then. But (and I could be wrong here) it couldn't take .40 S&W b/c it headspaces on the case mouth. Anybody know for sure?
  16. Dave Workman

    Dave Workman Well-Known Member

    Why all this stuff about a 10mm Ruger revolver?

    Ruger already makes a great revolver in .41 Magnum, which is so ballistically close as to be pretty much the cartridge you're really looking for in a wheelgun. I own two of them from Ruger and a third from Smith & Wesson.
  17. alucard0822

    alucard0822 Well-Known Member

    Colt custom shop python, anaconda, cobra, woodsman
    savage 12vss fluted thumbhole in 204 ruger
    rem 798 scout

    CMP thompson M1A1s, and parker vs. DC overruling enough bans and stupidity to allow us to buy them.
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2007
  18. hotsauce

    hotsauce Well-Known Member

    S&W revolvers without locks :rolleyes:
    The return of the S&W 4506 w/ less MIM and added 2 extra rounds:cool:
    Berettas 92 Inox with all metal controls
    The return of a Centurion based 92FS
    Taurus's .223 revolver
    Colt's Python
    Something in 10mm for you guys!;)

    Wishfull thinking on my part but if this were to happen I would be soooo broke with a few maxed out credit cards!
  19. waterhouse

    waterhouse Well-Known Member

    I agree 100%, but it sure makes airfare and hotels more difficult to book and expensive.
  20. tinygnat219

    tinygnat219 Well-Known Member

    Yup, I am already booked for Vegas next year!

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