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wolf primers

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by gpwelding1, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. gpwelding1

    gpwelding1 Well-Known Member

    i just found a pretty good deal on wolf small pistol primers,$28 per 1k. i've shot wolf ammo before, and had no problems with it.but i know nothing about their primers.are they dependable, or should i save my $28?
  2. amlevin

    amlevin Well-Known Member

    That's a deal? Wolf primers are selling for $15.50/thousand at Powder Valley and the "successor" to Wolf, Tula primers are only $20/thousand.

    Stock up and save. Two boxes from Powder Valley would offset the hazmat charge and another box would offset the shipping cost.

    This is the reason I stock up once or twice a year on Powder and Primers. I can't afford the "Deals" that the local Dealers offer.

    Just figure out what you'll need for a year and buy it all at once. Then again, if all you need is one box that will last you a year or two, that's a whole other story.

    As for the Wolf primers, I've loaded and shot many thousands of them with absolutely NO problems. Accuracy with these primers is almost that as with the Bench Rest Primers when comparing side by side in my "fine tuned loads". The Tula's which are now stocked by many Distributors are just as good.
  3. Waldog

    Waldog Well-Known Member

    I have shot 2 sleves (5000 small pistol and 5000 lrg pistol) No problems.
  4. gpwelding1

    gpwelding1 Well-Known Member

    thanks for the heads up amlevin.im new to reloading,and this is the kind of stuff i need to know.
  5. bds

    bds Well-Known Member

    $28/1K is not that good of a price for Wolf primers. Local gun show last month was selling them for $19/1K. You can buy them for $15.50/1K from Powder Valley.

    I have used Wolf LP bronze/brass cup primers with very consistent ignition but some people reported issues with silver/chrome cup SP primers having harder cups and having some failing to fire even after multiple strikes.

    I have used Tula LP/SP/LR/SR/.223 primers with good results also, but reserve Wolf/Tula primers for range practice/plinking rounds only. For match/SD/HD practice ammo, I prefer Winchester/CCI/BR2 primers as I never had a primer related misfire in 16 years and several hundred thousand reloads.
  6. gpwelding1

    gpwelding1 Well-Known Member

    i know this is off topik from my thread,but i just saw a advertisenent in the Dillon blue press catolog for plated handgun bullets.why are they cheaper than jacketed rounds,and do they load the same?
  7. petrey10

    petrey10 Well-Known Member

    ^they load like lead bullets i believe... you may want Dillon to clarify this tho

    the plating is there to reduce leading up the barrel...
  8. greyling22

    greyling22 Well-Known Member

    they're harder to pop than winchester other brand. If you run light springs you might have a problem. Other than that they're been fine for me.
  9. bds

    bds Well-Known Member

    If they are sized like jacketed bullets (Rainer, PowerBond, X-Treme), I load them using jacketed load data or I won't get reliable slide cycling unless I push them high to near max load data.

    If they are sized like lead bullets (Berry's), I load them using lead load data or start-mid range jacketed load data.

    If you are buying bulk bullets (1000+), plated bullet prices are usually about 20-25+% cheaper than jacketed bullets (but not always, so shop around).

    Powder Valley has very good prices for Berry's bullets, may want to do some price comparison.
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2011
  10. Waldog

    Waldog Well-Known Member

    Plated bullets are just LEAD bullets that have been electoplated with a copper wash. The wash is thin. On the order of .001 to .003 thick. If you buy bullets by the case, you can usually get them nearly AS CHEAP AS, plated bullets. Plain lead bullets are slightly cheaper but, a whole lot dirtier to shoot.

    Go here: https://secure.mooseweb.com/montanagoldbullet.com/pricelist.tpl

    4000 9mm 115 gr FMJ is $298, including shipping. ($7.45 @ 100)
  11. rhenriksen

    rhenriksen Well-Known Member

    I've had the primers fail to ignite 2-4% of the time with the batch of Wolf small pistol primers I bought last year. Using them in .40 S&W, in a M&P pistol.
  12. Seedtick

    Seedtick Well-Known Member

    gp, I had the same question a few weeks back and got great feedback from the guys.

    Here's a link to that thread --> Wolf Primers? <--

    Me and my son-in-law pooled our funds and ordered ~ 22 lbs of powder and 18 K primers from Powder Valley. All but 5 K of the primers were Wolf/Tula at $15.50/$20 per K. I have loaded several of the small and large pistol W/T primers but I haven't got to shoot but just a few of them so far. They loaded fine though and I doubt there will be any problems with them.

    For the difference in the price a couple of thousand of the Wolf's will pay for the HazMat so anything besides those will be freebies.....Give em a try.


  13. Redneck with a 40

    Redneck with a 40 Well-Known Member

    I've loaded several thousand pistol rounds with Wolf primer's that were bought several years ago, no issues with them. I'd buy'em again.
  14. zxcvbob

    zxcvbob Well-Known Member

    I had no problems at all with my first 5000 Wolf SP primers. They were brass-colored. I heard about some Wolf nickel-colored SP primers being way too hard, so I skipped those and bought Tulas. They are nickel, and I've had some take 2 strikes to go off in a double action revolver -- and yes they were seated below flush. So I use them for practice ammo (occasional misfire is good during practice, you can see if you're flinching or jerking the trigger) and I use Federals for my serious stuff.

    They're likely just fine in a semiauto unless it has weak springs. I will find out next time I load some 9.
  15. jhansman

    jhansman Well-Known Member

    I bought a brick of Wolf LP primers back when that was about all you could get; out of the first 300 , I've had about 4 duds, too many in my view. Only CCI or Winchester for me now.
  16. zxcvbob

    zxcvbob Well-Known Member

    I've not had *any* problems with Wolf LP or SR primers, nor Tula LP's.
  17. HK SD9 Tactical

    HK SD9 Tactical Well-Known Member

    I have shot over 15000 rounds primed with Wolf primers. I have had nothing but good times with them. They can be a little hard though and you need to make sure that the hard primers will not be a problem with your particular firearm.
  18. kingmt

    kingmt Well-Known Member

    I hope I like them. I just ordered 21K of them.

    I keep hearing there the same as Tula & Tula is my favorite so far.
  19. FirinFlatTop

    FirinFlatTop Well-Known Member

    so let me get this right,,, a more expensive primer is better than a 15.50 wolf primer? Why use something different if it works.

    "I have used Tula LP/SP/LR/SR/.223 primers with good results also, but reserve Wolf/Tula primers for range practice/plinking rounds only. For match/SD/HD practice ammo, I prefer Winchester/CCI/BR2 primers as I never had a primer related misfire in 16 years and several hundred thousand reloads. "

    Have you had any of these not go bang? the wolf and tula, I know your answer on the others. Just asking.

    20000 tula large and small, and 5000 wolf sm mag everyone worked. Guess I am lucky.

  20. Blue68f100

    Blue68f100 Well-Known Member

    I've used them without any problems some 15k SP. It was all I could find when there was a shortage. The cap are a little harder than CCI's so if your using reduced power springs you way want to move/stay with Federal. But for the price they are hard to beat for practice ammo.

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