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Womens day at my range.

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by velocette, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. velocette

    velocette Well-Known Member

    Today was my clubs annual women's day. The club supplies free ammo, .22 LR pistols, coaches, targets and a snack. The women for free get a one hour safety / training course followed by one on one coached training on the firing line. Most of the women had never fired a gun before, some had a little experience. At the end, 51 women while not quite marksmen (markspersons?)
    could keep all their rounds on paper and mostly in the black (8" bullseye @ 15 yds) There were a few that shot very well as in perfect scores using iron sights yet. A lot of questions on buying a pistol. (our stock answer is to go to a local range that rents pistols & try many different ones, then choose the one that suits YOU.)
    A very successful day and now there are 51 more women that have a better chance at successfully defending themselves.

  2. Very nice, this sort of thing does a ton to help promote the RKBA.

    Tell your club thanks!
  3. Robert

    Robert Moderator

  4. grubbylabs

    grubbylabs Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a good day. Might even consider doing something like that for every one. But agree it seems that those events are always needed and do really well. Good job.
  5. tekarra

    tekarra Well-Known Member

    Very good and well done for the club. I wager the women enjoyed the outing as well.
  6. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member

    Great way to get new shooters into the community.
  7. Sock Puppet

    Sock Puppet Well-Known Member

    That's a great idea! 51 sounds like a very good turnout.
  8. wrench

    wrench Well-Known Member

    Good job velocette!
    My range does a women's range day like that in the spring, we start out with 20-30 scared, nervous women, and end up the day with, 'Hey, you guys got any more ammo?':D
  9. Fotno

    Fotno Well-Known Member

    Fantastic idea.
  10. 9MMare

    9MMare Well-Known Member

    Nice idea.

    My range has Monday nites as Ladies' Nite (free range time) and holds regular ladies intro gun classes.

    May I ask what type of promotions you did for this event to get the word out?
  11. Ranb

    Ranb Well-Known Member

    The KRRC in Bremerton WA is very big on training. www.gunsafety.org

    We have gun safety classes, marksmanship classes and family days. There is always a range officer on hand to show anyone the basics on gun handling.

  12. Fishslayer

    Fishslayer Well-Known Member

    Not sure if my range has anything like that but I know they offer ladies only training & safety classes. Our range gets quite a few women in shooting on their own.
  13. cologuy

    cologuy Well-Known Member

    See if any of the NRA certified trainers in your area are interested in putting on a clinic for the NRA's "Women on Target" program. One of our local clubs holds one each spring and fall, and even with charging for the training ($60 for the last one, I believe), and limiting the clinic to 50 women, they have a standing waiting list. The money goes toward paying for lunch, ammo, targets, etc, we normally just break even. We do a safety briefing, then each woman gets to try out pistols, shotguns, rifles, archery, then a "survival" class, an hour to an hour and a half on each. All of the trainers and RSO's are volunteers. I've helped out with two of them so far, and had a blast both times despite the horrible sunburn! Heck, NRA even throws in some ammo and items for a "goody bag" for each woman registered, including the safety glasses and eye protection. We've had participants ranging in age from 13 to over 80, and the mother/daughter participants are especially fun to work with. If you can get something like this going in your area, it's a great way to introduce new folks to shooting, and you can have some fun yourself, too.
  14. Apple a Day

    Apple a Day Well-Known Member

    Smiles and thumbs up
  15. Walkalong

    Walkalong Moderator

    Great job. The more people we can get educated about firearms the better. Womens day is a good way to attract more female shooters in a more relaxing environment. We need all the pro gun voters we can get, not to mention how many lives may be saved by teaching more people to use firearms safely.
  16. wannabeagunsmith

    wannabeagunsmith Well-Known Member

    Free pistols?? Dang, I gotta get a girlfriend....
  17. Reloadron

    Reloadron Well-Known Member

    Great going and a plus for the NRA Woman On Target mentioned by cologuy. It is important to get the woman out there and involved in the shooting sports. My brother-in-law was a strong advocate of the WOT program.

  18. Prophet

    Prophet Well-Known Member

    I'm really enthused to see more and more women getting into the shooting sports because of programs like these. One of our business clients is an anti-gun feminist. I always have to wonder how she can possibly reconcile these two as it would seem to me that a true feminist would be all for women learning to use and carry firearms to defend themselves.

    It's awesome that your club put something like this together! My area offers very little as far as firearms training is concerned, I'd love to see something like this put together for the local women.
  19. justice06rr

    justice06rr Well-Known Member

    That is an excellent program, Roger. These female-friendly events should be held more often to encourage more women into the firearms world.

    What range was this btw?

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