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Won a raffle:journey to a suppressor

Discussion in 'NFA Firearms and Accessories' started by Apple a Day, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. Apple a Day

    Apple a Day New Member

    I never win anything. Well, not until now. I entered a raffle put on by Sterling Arsenal in northern Virginia for a Colt/Walther/Umarex .22 caliber 1911 with a suppressor figuring I'd never actually win it.
    I won. :what:
    I was so excited I ran downstairs and scared my wife out of three years' growth. Normally, I'm a cheapskate. I like surplus guns and fixer-uppers. I probably never would have bought a suppressor if left to my own devices.

    So, the journey begins through the paperwork. The prize includes the services of Arsenal Attorneys in northern Virginia to set up a trust for the suppressor. I got emails from the gun shop and the lawyers immediately after the prize was awarded getting some basic info with promises to keep the ball rolling. Within a few days after that one of the lawyers did indeed call me, run through the trust in broad strokes, answered questions, and we discussed options. There are things like who exactly to put on the trust, how family inherits once I croak, inheriting, and whether or not to add non-NFA items to the trust.

    At this point I have to give some proper credit the the attorneys. We had a good conversation. He was patient with my questions. In the end I really came away with the sense that they're gun guys, not just lawyers serving a niche market. If you've dealt with lawyers at some point you may have been frustrated - as I have - at their tendency to talk out of both sides of their mouths at the same time. The Arsenal attorney was straightforward. He gave me what he knew and his opinions on the options, which I respect and appreciated. Like I said, he was definitely a gun guy.

    After the chat and the additional information he said he'd work up the papers and send them to me in about a week. It was a pleasant experience and I'd certainly feel confident going to them about any other NFA items I'd pick up in the future.

    In the betweens I called a local class III dealer (Bob's gun shop in Norfolk)and had a discussion with their specialist. She was a gas. :D She told me what to expect and also gave me her opinions about some of the options. I don't know if Sterling will want me to go up there to pick up the goods or do a transfer but if it's a transfer I'll definitely go through Bob's. One of the pieces of advice she gave: beware! Once you get one NFA item you're going to want more!

    All in all it's been rather like buying my first gun or when I got a concealed carry permit. There have been a few times I've gotten butterflies in the stomach thinking about it. I'm excited, though.
    Patience, I keep telling myself, patience. :cuss:

    I'll post updates on the process as they happen. I believe somebody might like to read through the process at some point.
  2. Saakee

    Saakee New Member

  3. Telekinesis

    Telekinesis Active Member

    Congrats! That's quite the prize! Any info on the specifics of which suppressor you're actually getting?

    I will second this piece of advice, it is VERY dangerous to your finances to get into the NFA game! I started out with one suppressor, just one little $200 suppressor... and I was fine during the Form 3 wait, but once it arrived at my transfer dealer and he let me shoot a few rounds through it at his range, I fell hard. Less than two weeks later, I had a second suppressor on the way, and now two weeks after that, I am building a SBR and planning on adding a submachine gun to the fold! Its definitely an addiction :evil: Good luck, and welcome to the dark side!
  4. Apple a Day

    Apple a Day New Member

    It's a Sicarius XXII. I believe Sterling Arsenal makes it since I can't find it anywhere else. It's a small .22 can.
    Attached is a pic of the can

    Attached Files:

  5. Ironman

    Ironman New Member

    Never heard of it but as long as its a takeapart can you'll be good to go! BTW the 1911 22's are a GREAT silencer host. You'll have to use subsonic as the barrel is too long to keep bulk pack ammo subsonic but with subs.....o man it's nice.

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