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Would this slug fly?

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by Lucky, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. Lucky

    Lucky Well-Known Member

    Would this slug work, out of a smooth barrel? What I mean is, would it go straight?

  2. Chawbaccer

    Chawbaccer Well-Known Member

    Is that solid lead? How much does it weigh? A slug flies true as it does because it is nose heavy, just like a badmitten shuttlecock, as they say.
  3. Lucky

    Lucky Well-Known Member

    Actually it would be plastic... Trying to think of a better way for airsoft pellets, without using rifling. Slugs seemed the most logical extrapolation. Putting rifling on the pellets is not feasible, nor is adding fins.
  4. Owen

    Owen Moderator Emeritus

    How will you align it with the bore? Don't airsoft guns feed from a hopper?

    If it gets in the bbl sideways, it won't seal.
  5. Lucky

    Lucky Well-Known Member

    Actually I just ordered an el-cheapo rifle, (I couldn't resist the lure of airsoft any longer). Some of the novelty airsofts use plastic 'cartridges' that hold the bb's. It's what got me thinking:

    To be less specific, what shape would be similar to manufacture as a pellet, but fly straight without rifling, like a slug? Does tapering the tail do enough, alone, to keep the slug flying forward?
  6. Owen

    Owen Moderator Emeritus

    if you are shooting them from a cartridge, why can't you use fins?
  7. Chawbaccer

    Chawbaccer Well-Known Member

    I would suggest that you copy the design from a pellet gun.


    they are hollow inside, weighted forward and the skirt blows out to seal the bore.
  8. Lucky

    Lucky Well-Known Member

    Chawbaccer, I wasn't sure one could, my .177's seem to have some rifling in the barrel.

    owen, I just was thinking that fins would be expensive to make, and not as safe to shoot.

    I found this page: http://www.ajdesigner.com/phpenergykenetic/kenetic_energy_equation_mass.php

    And it is very helpful!

    K = 5 joule = 5 joule
    v = 150 meter/second = 150 meter/second

    mass (m) = 0.00044444444444444 kilogram
    mass (m) = 6.8588259346513 grain
    mass (m) = 0.44444444444444 gram

    Laws in my country say these things are firearms, so you keep the numbers under those stats. "(i) a shot, bullet or other projectile at a muzzle velocity exceeding 152.4 m per second or at a muzzle energy exceeding 5.7 Joules,"
  9. RecoilRob

    RecoilRob Well-Known Member

    Airsoft guns often use 'Hop Up' which puts an adjustable amount of backspin on the round pellet. Makes it actually climb if you overdo it.

    Proper amount of Hop Up makes the pellet fly straight for an amazingly long time and actually defy gravity for a bit.

    Shaped pellets like you are looking at would be subject to all the conventional problems of all projectiles. If not stabilized by spin or being form stable, you would have dismal accuracy I would think.
  10. Lucky

    Lucky Well-Known Member

    It'd be sort of aerodynamically stable. But maybe these would be easy to manufacture as well, though they'd probably cost 5x more.


    And the third slug there, that doesn't need a rifled barrel?

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