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Would you stay in a state that stopped allowing you to carry

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by gym, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. gym

    gym member

    I have lived in 2 states all my life. NY and FL. I had a license to carry in both. I started carrying in 1972-3. When I sold my business in the mid 90's, I had to turn in my carry permit. I made a concious decision then, "being single" that if I was going to start a new business, I may as well do it where it was warm, and I could carry a gun.
    Having spent so much time in FL, I pretty much knew where and what I wanted to do, but it cost me about half of what I had saved, waiting 2 years to sell 2 apartments and a business.The business went right away, it was well known and esstablished, but it was the last housing slump in the early 90's, and co-ops and condo's were not moving, but I stuck it out and finally got out.
    I couldn't conceive of suddenlly not having a permit and a gun. Especially after all i had seen, and having had my gun save my life on more than one occasion. What would you do it for some crazy reason, your state suddenlly said no more carry. Would you move to another state of just accept it and just go without. I'm curious to see how this turns out
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  2. BP Hunter

    BP Hunter Well-Known Member

    Gun ownership though very important in my life will not be the deciding factor as to what state I would live in. There are more imortant things such work, family and such. But thank God, that WA state is a relatively gun-friendly state.
  3. wyohome

    wyohome Well-Known Member

    So you would be fine with the state taking away your 2nd Amendment rights?
  4. Tim37

    Tim37 Well-Known Member

    at this point in my life i would have to say no there are more important things to me right now. later on in years i might consider it.
  5. gpr

    gpr Well-Known Member

    welcome to florida, the gunshine state.....my situation is oppisite yours....i live in florida, but have inherited property in ny....when i fly in to erie it is no problem transporting a weapon.....when i fly through buffalo, i go naked....how had is it to get a permit, not in ny city.....gary
  6. Sam1911

    Sam1911 Moderator

    I have arranged my plans and goals to allow me to live in a state that has a very favorable 2nd Amendment climate. That has involved distinct sacrifices at times.

    If I woke up tomorrow and one of the factors I cherish was taken, I'd probably start trying to align my plans to move again.
  7. Stevie-Ray

    Stevie-Ray Well-Known Member

    If Michigan were to go back to the "old days" of getting a permit at the anti-gun head LEO's discression, I would definitely have already become one of their biggest pains in their backsides, through grassroots activism. If it simply wasn't doing any good and things were looking even bleaker for the future, I'd be getting out of this state and not even give it a second thought, even though I've been here all my life. Our governor already hit us with state taxed pensions for the first time in history, so he's already on my you know what list.
  8. heeler

    heeler Well-Known Member

    I would be extremely suspicious if my state took that right away.
    I would fight very hard politically to have them change course,but alas if it were a no go I would then go somewhere else.
  9. GambJoe

    GambJoe Well-Known Member

    Texas will welcome you.
  10. ForumSurfer

    ForumSurfer Well-Known Member

    What he said. I'd miss it here, though. I'm within a days ride of The Blue Ridge Parkway (one of the most scenic roads in the US snaking through the smoky mountains) and under 3 hours from the coast.
  11. guyfromohio

    guyfromohio Well-Known Member

    I've turned down promotions that would have landed me in NJ.
  12. Loosedhorse

    Loosedhorse member

    NYS didn't "stop allowing you to carry"--its rules were stable, but you changed in regards to no longer fitting its requirements. No surprises, so you had time to plan. My guess is that when you sold your business, you started your move out of state.

    It is odd that NYS would withdraw your permit just because you sold your business. We can hope that will change soon.

    I guess one of the factors for me would be why they withdrew my license. If it was arbitrary and unexpected, that for me might be harder to live with than something I had time to plan for. But unless you're single, as you say, the decision to move involves more than one person.
  13. Naw. There are at least 40 some other states that treat you like an adult..........
  14. Midwest

    Midwest Well-Known Member

    Likely when he sold his business, that made him no longer qualified to carry because he no longer had a "justifiable need" in the eyes of the law in New York City. The only way to get a carry permit in NYC is to have a large cash business or carry diamonds or other valuables as a part of a business. In the older days it was possible to get a carry permit if you had a business, but then NYC started upping the threshold over the years as to what is a justifiable need.
  15. Paris

    Paris Well-Known Member

  16. splattergun

    splattergun Well-Known Member

    Having always lived where RTKBA is respected, I can say I shall never move TO a state that prohibited same. I likely will never visit any of those places either. I'll spend my hard-earned dough in free states.

    As for moving away from one? I think I would have to choose to live elswhere. or choose living as an outlaw and carrying anyway. just my opinion.
  17. BSA1

    BSA1 Well-Known Member

    Let me put it this way. I would not let a lack of permit keep me for carrying if I felt I really needed to.
  18. 627PCFan

    627PCFan Well-Known Member

    My location used to read : Maryland.
    Now it reads: Virginia
    Despite family being there, I do visit but I do my best to spend as little money in that state.
  19. Bobson

    Bobson Well-Known Member

    Currently, I don't carry a firearm when I'm not required to (required to by my employer, for instance), and I never have; but I do plan to begin carrying regularly in the near future. Having said that, even if I knew I wouldn't ever carry, I would do everything in my power to relocate ASAP if that right was ever taken away.
  20. rsrocket1

    rsrocket1 Well-Known Member

    Do you think these fellow Floridians have permits to carry and share the sunshine state with you? I wonder if they buy mail order through a licensed FFL or completed a firearms safety course.

    Greetings from California where guns are illegal and pot is a medicine.

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