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Wow! Cool board!

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by 1911sr, Sep 22, 2003.

  1. 1911sr

    1911sr Well-Known Member

    Hi guys! A really cool lady, DarkEros, sent me to look in here. I've been reading the different forums for a while today and I think I like this board. You all seem to be very polite people.
    I like posting in reloading/casting and on the rifle forums. Is it mostly just guys here, or are there a few girls too?
    I'll probably read for a few days, but this does seem to be a very friendly community.
    Bye guys!

  2. El Tejon

    El Tejon Well-Known Member

    Just us He-Men here!:rolleyes:

    Welcome to THR.:)
  3. Sisco

    Sisco Well-Known Member

    Remember, new guy buys the beer. Let's see... 6910 members, $2.00 each, comes to $13,820.00 plus tax.
    Send me the money and I'll make sure the brews get distributed. Really, I will. No kiddin'.
  4. Quartus

    Quartus Well-Known Member

    heh heh heh. We fooled another one. Come into my parlor....

    Juuuuuuust kidding! :) Welcome to THR!
  5. cordex

    cordex Well-Known Member

  6. Bigjake

    Bigjake Well-Known Member

    welcome here!
  7. Ala Dan

    Ala Dan Member in memoriam


    A great bunch of firearms friends mingle here; so come
    on in an pull up a chair. Have a cup of hot coffee, a cold
    glass of ice tea, or a ice cold beer; supper will be ready
    shortly. Join some of the most knowledgeable folks in
    the firearms world in a round table discussion of our
    favorite sport!:D Hope you enjoy the camaraderie as
    much as we do.

    Best Wishes,
    Ala Dan, N.R.A. Life Member
  8. sm

    sm member

    Welcome to the THR ! :D

    :D I can't fella's I can't...gonna let the ladies handle this...:D

    < whistles as waits for pics of our ladies replete with targets, training, and guns>
  9. 1911sr

    1911sr Well-Known Member

    Thanks, guys!

    I am my Father's daughter and I grew up in the reloading room, so I hope I can contribute something.

  10. CZ 75 BD

    CZ 75 BD Well-Known Member


    post early and often!:D
  11. Silver Bullet

    Silver Bullet Well-Known Member

    Quite a few ladies post in here, most (if not all) of them smarter than me. :)

    Welcome to The High Road !
  12. WhoKnowsWho

    WhoKnowsWho Well-Known Member

    Welcome to The High Road! Have fun and keep an open mind, there is a ton of information to be found and provided here!
  13. C.R.Sam

    C.R.Sam Moderator Emeritus

    Welcome aboard 1911sr.
    Tis a mixed bag here.
    About the only consistancy is belief in the right to keep and bear arms.
    Both sexes, tactical, target, collectors, old, young.
    You name it, tis here.

  14. cordex

    cordex Well-Known Member

    And even then ...
  15. Quartus

    Quartus Well-Known Member

    cordex, this is not the time to start picking on agricola!


    Well, Silver ol' buddy, who are we to argue? ;)

    1911sr, your handle seems to indicate that you have mature, well-reasoned tastes in handguns. (As opposed to those who opt for mouse guns.)

    Is you a 1911 fan, or is you not?
  16. Sisco

    Sisco Well-Known Member

    Man, is my face red :eek:
    Let me amend my first post to read "New person buys the beer".
  17. Cliff

    Cliff Well-Known Member


    Glad to meet you,welcome to the board,you'll enjoy it here.Enough of that.Tell us about DarkEros.:D
  18. 1911sr

    1911sr Well-Known Member

    Hi, Quartus!

    1911sr stands for 1911 Schmidt Rubin. That's my favorite of all my rifles.
    Dad and I both collect Schmidt Rubins, PE57s and AMTs. Other ones too, but those are our favourites. My Dad is Chief Moderator on swissrifles.com

    DarkEros might have a different name here, but she's been a sister in arms of mine for a couple of years.


    Oops! I forgot to say that I carry a Kimber ProCarry.
  19. sm

    sm member


    Sisco, scoot over, well sit here for a bit red-faced...in due time people will forget...maybe.

    ( lets try again)
    1911sr Welcome to THR.

    I'm trying to apologize, but with red-face might be hard to tell...

    Kimber Pro Carry, my best friend and a number of lady friends carry those, nice gun ! 1911 style...(forget it, more I try the deeper I bury myself) :D

    Somebody have a pull on strong one for me...I don't drink...so help a fella out huh?
  20. cool45auto

    cool45auto Well-Known Member

    Welcome to THR!:D

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