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Wow I guess those letters and emails paid off.

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by cslinger, Sep 13, 2004.

  1. cslinger

    cslinger Well-Known Member

    God bless the internet and the ability for all of us to come together as one cohesive force. I have to admit that I am a bit of a pessimist at heart and I never thought my letters or emails would matter a whit and mine may not have but ALL OF OURS TOGETHER SURE AS HELL DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just goes to show we may just have a little more fight in us then we thought we had. If we can do it once, we can do it again. Lets all be ready to swat anything new down as it comes and lets all COHESIVELY pick our next target to go after.

    I don't think the 86 ban is the place to go since it gave us a lot of positive things with a poison pill. I don't think we want to lose those positive things.

    I personally think the next target should be 922R as I think that one is achieveable, although I don't know how to overturn an executive order.

    Anyway thanks everybody for making this happen. YA'LL DONE GOOD!!! :D

    Where is the fireworks smiley???

  2. cslinger

    cslinger Well-Known Member

    I forgot to mention that it isn't just those who sent letters, money or lobbied that got this thing shut down.

    It is all the NRA members.
    It is all of you who kept us apprised of the news as it was happening via C-SPAN and the internet updates.
    It was all of you went to rallys and protests.
    It was all of you new shooters who took the time to learn the law.
    It was all of you who brought new shooters into the fold, and most of all educated them on the laws.

    A great, great many of us had an impact in this even if they think they did not.

    As for all the hunters and folks who figured that this didn't effect them and did nothing, just be glad there are those of us who will fight for your rights when they go after your "LONG RANGE PRECISION SNIPING RIFLE" or your "ARMOR PIERCING COP KILLING THUTTY THUTTY." You know the one you hunt deer with that Grandpa gave you when you were 16. :scrutiny:

    Once again congratulations and thanks to all.

  3. Bartholomew Roberts

    Bartholomew Roberts Moderator Emeritus

    Actually, instead of 922(R), I think we should attack the sporting purposes clause. After all, who would like to make the argument that self-defense is not a valid reason to own a firearm? It is all about how you phrase it.

    If we can get the sporting purposes clause repealed, 922(r) and a bunch of other laws fall as well.

    However, right now we don't even have the votes in the Senate to stop a ban from passing, so we are putting the cart before the horse. First we have to put some pro-gun Senators in office so we have the votes.

    This November we will have the chance to gain more seats in the Senate in one election than we have gained in the past ten years. We should make the most of it and vote in force.
  4. sturmruger

    sturmruger Well-Known Member

    If the Republicans do well this Nov I think there is a good chance we can start to reclaim some of the rights we have slowly lost over the years. I am working my tail off to make sure we get some republicans relected.
  5. Rawlings

    Rawlings Well-Known Member

    I'll be doing my part to throw McCarthy out of her House seat!

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