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Wright, Wyoming- place to stay

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by Nimrod2, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. Nimrod2

    Nimrod2 Active Member

    In October I will be going after pronghorn near Wright, Wyoming. I have never been in Wyoming at all so I'm hoping that someone here can recommend a good place to stay for a few days that won't break the bank.
    I would like to get a nice buck on ice and possibly do some sight-seeing with the wife.
    Suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. Coyote3855

    Coyote3855 Well-Known Member

    There are a couple of motels in Wright, but I cannot vouch for the quality. Otherwise, your options are Gillette, about 40 miles north, Douglas, 75 miles south, or Newcastle about 75 miles east of Wright. Newcastle is on the edge of the Black Hills and in traveling distance of Lead and Deadwood in South Dakota if you're into gambling. Nice scenery if you're not. Understand that Wright is in pronghorn country which means flat, dry, and not very "scenic." More so this year because the whole state is in a severe drought. The only thing worth seeing between Wright and Gillette are the massive open pit coal mines. Just saying that unless your wife is hunting with you, there is not much to do in Wright to keep her entertained. Gillette is an energy boom town. Whereever you plan to stay, make reservations well in advance. Not only lots of hunters in the season, but also drilling and construction crews in abundance. There was a nice motel in Newcastle called The Pines, located in a secluded shady area and reasonable rates. However, I haven't been there in a couple of years and it may have changed hands. Douglas is on the North Platte River and has public fishing access.

    Good luck on your trip to my state. You will find it quite different from your home state. Ask more questions if you like, I will try to help.
  3. Nimrod2

    Nimrod2 Active Member


    I was wondering if it would be a problem to enter Yellowstone with a couple of unloaded, cased rifles?
  4. Patocazador

    Patocazador Well-Known Member

    Check their website. Years ago I shot a moose near Jackson and went through Yellowstone with the guns, etc. and went elk/bear hunting near Gardiner MT. Came back through Yellowstone with a bear added to the mix. Nothing happened but I didn't say anything to anyone either.

    Things could be different now since "political correctness" has become the law of the land.
  5. Don McDowell

    Don McDowell Well-Known Member

    No it won't be a problem, but going to Yellowstone from Wright will take 3 days. I day travel each way and a day to go thru the park. Best to plan even an extra day to go thru the BBHC in Cody.
    Best to call ahead now for motels in or near Wright. Lots of activity and rooms may not be available.
    It's not a bad time of the year weatherwise so planning on doing some camping on blm or forest service lands (no camping allowed on state lands) for the hunt isn't a bad idea
  6. wyohome

    wyohome Well-Known Member

  7. Nimrod2

    Nimrod2 Active Member

    Thank you

    You guys are killing me. I'm trying to keep cool about this but I'm getting pretty pumped.
    Pronghorn hunting, BBHC, and Yellowstone. This is pretty close to an ideal vacation for me.
    I have a feeling that the two week vacation will fly by.
  8. WYOMan

    WYOMan Well-Known Member

    The Wright Hotel gets good reviews. Just remember, the hotels around here usually raise the rates during the peak seasons, which is between the beginning of May until the end of October. With that being said they are still not going to charge like beyond what you could consider affordable.
  9. Nimrod2

    Nimrod2 Active Member

    Meat processors?

    If everything goes according to plan, I would like to take a pronghorn to a meat processor to be vacuum-packed and frozen and then carried home on dry ice.
    I see several meat processors listed in Gillette. Has anyone a favorite to recommend?
  10. Don McDowell

    Don McDowell Well-Known Member

    don't know about Gillette, but Grizzly in Douglas makes dang fine sausage and salami.
  11. WYOMan

    WYOMan Well-Known Member

    I'm in Gillette every day, so I'll ask around for you and get you an answer in a day or two.

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