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WTK: Best 'Smith for Threaded an Eccentric Pistol Barrel

Discussion in 'NFA Firearms and Accessories' started by SharpsDressedMan, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. I have a Walther P38 barrel (solid, WWII type) for use with my P1. It has a block end that is eccentric to the bore, and will be a little tricky to thread . Do any of you have a competent and inventive gunsmith that you use for specialty threading? I hate to give it to my current gunsmith, as he has screwed up things in the past.
  2. Keaner

    Keaner Well-Known Member

    Tornado Technologies is highly considered in the suppressor world to be the best of the best. Their lead time is pretty bad at times, but they are as good as it gets!
  3. 25cschaefer

    25cschaefer Well-Known Member

    I would imagine any "gunsmith" with lathe could do it; you would dial off the bore, what the outside of the looks like doesn't matter.
  4. Thanks. I was told it was not that hard, but the last item I had done, the guy didn't read the instructions (or consider measuring the piston "Nielson" fitting), and mistakenly threaded a 10mm barrel to 1/2x28tpi (.500 ext/.400int.). Not much metal to hang a suppressor on, so the barrel is now becoming an expensive STANDARD length barrel. :banghead:
  5. Flyincedar

    Flyincedar Well-Known Member

    Its really not difficult. As stated above, dial off the bore to ensure its concentric. If you're having someone thread it that doesnt do that, run away and go somewhere else. The outside makes no difference, and very often isnt perfect anyhow

    We use a setup on the vertical mill that does not require pulling the barrel. We do all rifles this way, though a pistol may not fit. We have, but almost never use a lathe, and opt for the computer controlled Bridgeport instead.
  6. JustinJ

    JustinJ Well-Known Member

    Sorry to get off topic but does that work for AK's as well?
  7. Flyincedar

    Flyincedar Well-Known Member

    Yes it does. Really saves a ton or work on AKs, having to take out and press the barrel back in.
  8. Acera

    Acera Well-Known Member

    You might consider a machine shop for it also.

    I have found a local machine shop that is a lot cheaper, lot faster and does a much more precise job than anywhere else. Those guys use their lathe's all day, every day, not once in a while like most gunsmiths do.

    Down side is you must know exactly what you want them to do, as you seem to do.
  9. AnthonyRSS

    AnthonyRSS Well-Known Member

    Find a good machine shop, like Acera said. A decent machinist can do that in his sleep.

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