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WV House wavers on CHL privacy

Discussion in 'Activism' started by siglite, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. siglite

    siglite Well-Known Member

    Excerpt from the WVCDL alert that went out today:
    If you're a citizen of WV, and not a member of the WVCDL, or at LEAST subscribed to the mailing list, please sign up here:

    You should read the WV Gazette article as well. It's quite a trainwreck. In addition to sending my thoughts to my representatives (a number of the antis represent my county) I've posted a blog entry on it here:

  2. siglite

    siglite Well-Known Member


    Just for fun, I dug some relevant names and home addresses (including the owner of the Gazette) out of the tax databases. I added 'em to my blog post. You know. In the interest of the public's right to know.
  3. Pushrod

    Pushrod Well-Known Member

    Sig, I think someone needs to publish the list of the Gazettes subscribers and advertisers. After all, its for the best of the public interest.

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