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www.stopguncontrol.info rejoins the battle

Discussion in 'Activism' started by Bret4207, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. Bret4207

    Bret4207 Active Member

    This is the text of a message I posted at www.stopguncontrol.info. For those that don't know it's a site developed strictly for organizing letter, email, phone campaigns on RKBA issues. We hope to help organize every single firearms related website around in a coordinated effort at fighting for our rights. I hope all of you will spread the word to all the other sites you visit. Unless the moderators nix the idea, I hope to leave word of our campaigns here. We can't loose this fight.

    Getting our second wind

    Sometimes reality hits you in the face with surprising force. When we started this venture I had no idea how frustrating it would become. Call it apathy, ego, fear of something new or blame it on my poor communication skills. For whatever reason I've had to step back, take a breath and re-evaluate how we're going about our quest to gain co-operation among the firearms related forums.

    The gun control fight is an ongoing struggle against well funded and mostly well intentioned groups with professional staff and resources. Some are backed by billionaire types like George Soros and other like minded anti-gunners. We're a bit different here. This is a grassroots effort, has no budget and is dependent on volunteer participation from interested parties. Gaging what effect our initial campaign on HR1022 had has been very hard. There's no way to tell how many people responded to the requests for action beyond the hits at this site. Some of the websites I visited initially refused to allow me to make posts regarding the campaign. Since then some have relented and are allowing posts, other refuse any political posts at all. Hopefully, as this effort grows, long time members of those sites will be able to talk the owners into agreeing to act on this idea.

    Our next step is to rejoin the fight as Congress returns to Washington. We plan to address multiple pieces of legislation over the next few weeks. However, without very active participation by our members and visitors here, we won't have nearly the effect we could have. So I'm asking you to spread the word as the next campaign starts. The recent proposed OSHA ruling regarding small arms ammunition shows us again how effective we are when we make a coordinated effort to fight poor law. Lets build on that. Remind your friends of the effect we had on Jim Zumbo, of the OSHA ruling, of what we can do together to secure a basic right guaranteed in our Constitution.

    We have plans in the works for more visible action. Your participation is vital. I'll admit I felt as though I was getting nowhere at times, but we can't lose this fight. Help us help you to win this long battle. People fought and died to give us this right, and to build this Nation. Lets not let their sacrifice be in vain.
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  2. kevin.osborne

    kevin.osborne New Member

    Unable to register...

    Firefox and IE (the registration image won't load)
  3. Bret4207

    Bret4207 Active Member

    I'll contact our tech guy right away Kevin. I was unaware there was any problem Thanks for trying.
  4. Durruti

    Durruti Well-Known Member

    Nor can we afford to "lose" it.

    Normally I try not to be a jerk about it, but since this is put out as a text :)
  5. Bret4207

    Bret4207 Active Member

    Yeah, no spell check on that system. Thanks, I'll fix it.
  6. Bret4207

    Bret4207 Active Member

    Okay the server has been updated. All thats beyond me. If it doesn't have points or nuts/bolts/nails I'm lost on how to fix it. Anyway, the tech wizard says it's fixed, o join the fight guys. Give me a bit to get things lined up and we'll light this rocket.

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